WOW! Two Days in a Row - I Just Won a 32" Samsung HDTV

This is an early birthday gift! And the kiddos are really very happy! Thank you God! 🙏😘

Our old TV broke down a couple of months ago and we've decided to not buy a new one yet to prioritize school and other expenses. And also since they're already used to watching stuff on the laptop and their mobile devices. But of course we still prefer watching movies and shows on a much bigger screen.

Earlier during the media event of Old Spice X Ducati Spice Up Your Ride Raffle Promo, I won a 32" Samsung HDTV.

I was so stoked! Why? Because I rarely win anything during events and I already got two appliance on my wish list granted two days in a row.

Thank you Old Spice! And thank you ComCo Southeast Asia team for inviting me to the event!

Now let's see if I could win that Ducati Super Sport as well! 😊 Details of the promo UP NEXT on my main blog