Game of the Generals are for Geeks

I was a geek when I was growing up.  Geek - Nerd - Wimp.  Choose any or all, that WAS me.  With emphasis on the word WAS.  Well, I am still currently a BIT of a geek but this time with emphasis on the word BIT.  I consider that as an improvement.

Anyway, the point I'm driving at is this (check the pic below):
Yup, Game of The Generals.  While everyone was lining up for games like swimming, football, basketball, volleyball and other contact sports during our club sportsfest I would always enlist to compete in the highly dangerous and overly awesome tactical Game of the Generals.

And yes, this was considered before as part of the table games category of youth sports festivals along with Chess and Checkers.  I was going to go with Snakes and Ladders but that was too wimpy (beyond any chance of redemption) to be even considered as a fun games *hehehe*

Well anyway, I recently bought a Game of the Generals board game at Landmark to introduce it to my 'kulit bulilits' - since electronic gadgets and games will be banned during school days, I thought that it will be best to give them something new to play with as an alternative to their tablets, phones and DS games.

I can sense that I will have a hard time taking their attention away from their gadgets so this will help a lot during the painful 'withdrawal' period - I know how hard it is to part with something that you've grown attached to for a very long time - imagine a whole summer with their gadgets and with minor restrictions?

I was like that with a family computer - and yes I am that old too.

The Game of the Generals board game costs me 400 pesos.

How To Play:

It is designed for two players, just like in chess, and requires skills, strategy and a lot of intuition.  It has three important benefits to the players: 

  • It sharpens your memory
  • It improves deductive thinking
  • It develop awareness for strategy and organization.   

The game simulates armies at war trying to outsmart and outmaneuver each other.  The objective is to bring your flag to the opponents end or decimate your opponent's entire army and its flag.  I prefer doing the latter.

You won't be able to see the opponents tactical outfit and who you're up against and that's where the strategy sets in.

My youngest don't really like to play the game but she loves being the arbiter.  An arbiter is like a judge, he or she is the only one who can see the pieces of both players.  When a piece engages battle, it is the arbiter's duty to tell which piece loses or dies.

Okay so like I said I really love this game.  Another exciting fact about this award-winning board game is that it was designed in 1973 by Filipino inventor Ronnie Pasola Jr.

My geek side leveled-up from Game of the Generals to MTG card games to Mafia Wars but I was never really that into the online gaming thing like most kids today.  My game of choice during sports festivals also changed - I was into track n' field, volleyball, darts and football.

But Game of The Generals will always be one of my favorite games of all time.