My favorite time of the day is DUSK or 'Takip-Silim.'

There's something magical about the blending of light and darkness when the sun sets. When the heat of the afternoon is being lowered by the cool breeze of the evening. The pink reddish skies and the first star over the gray clouds.

Other people prefer the dawn which I seldom see. It's also inspiring to look at, for like dusk they are both twilight.

But for me, nothing compares to dusk.

It somehow embodies a certain hint of romance and mystery. An unspeakable eeriness that haunts even the most inartistic heart. For sentimental folks like me, dusk can induce a spell that takes you to special places, feelings and memories stored in the recesses of the mind.

A rejuvenating experience perfect to end a very tiring and busy day.

A cool late October (hallows eve would be better) dusk, on top of a roof looking at a semi-cloudy sky with my guitar together with a couple of friends talking about anything and nothing.