View From The Top

This post is a product of browsing the unpublished photos folder on my laptop.

I have been a blogger for almost a decade already, but it was not until four years ago that I've discovered that there's such a thing as a blogging community through my blogger-friend Vance. And during the past four years after getting to know a lot of other Pinoy bloggers, I have been to a lot places, was able to meet a lot of different personalities and have been part of hundreds of awesome events and product launches.

If there's one place that I've been to a lot of times during the past years, I think it's the GMA Network Building and particularly the 17th floor where they usually hold pocket presscons and other activities for their talents.

I don't work for GMA Network but it just so happen that I am particularly interested in featuring personalities especially in the field of entertainment (TV, Music, Theater, Art and Films) and GMA provides me with a lot of opportunities to get to talk to these people up close.

Anyway, in one of the presscons that I've attended, I was able to get a chance to take some photos outside the 17th floor. I have already forgotten about this but I am sharing my photos here now. Here's a couple of view from the top of GMA Building from my Panasonic Lumix Camera:
That's the studio building of GMA Network right beside the GMA-EDSA MRT Station - probably one of the best stations to catch an MRT ride cause platforms' are not too crowded and trains going north or south are not yet fully loaded.
That's a train going south leaving the GMA MRT Station! Riding a bus in this area during rush hour is hell, by the way.
Here's the Timog Area, view going to Tomas Morato.  A wonderful place to own a piece of real estate, lots of restaurants and commercial buildings but there's also a community of people living in the inner streets. 
As you can see, it was a very cloudy day when I took these shots.  And I think it rained a little that day.
Aside from the photos that I took outside, I also took some macro shots inside the 17th Floor Lounge of GMA.
Here's the water fountain centerpiece that the caterer usually used on the buffet table during the events.
What is unusual that day is this sunflower as a table centerpiece.  Spring, I guess.
Like with other companies and most PR organizations, I am not sure and I don't recall how I ended up being invited to GMA events but what I do know is that I am enjoying what I am doing now - getting to know a lot of different personalities, going to places, experiencing a lot of stuff for the first time and doing what I love most in the world - writing and chronicling all of my daily adventures and milestones.