Paco Catholic School Meningococcemia Scare

My daughter SKY is a Grade 8 student at Paco Catholic School in Manila and today (Tuesday) is their first day of school this week because classes were suspended yesterday for an annual activity of the school personnel.

However, out of the more than 40 students in their section only a handful went to class today - 14 to be exact. In fact, a great majority of the students were absent because of a meningococcemia scare.

According to reports, a Grade 3 pupil of Paco Catholic School (PCS) died shortly after being brought to the hospital last Saturday due to right leg pain. 

Meanwhile, a doctor working in the hospital where the student was admitted warned a relative who has a child studying in PCS that the cause of death was meningococcemia and advised them not to send their child to PCS for a week. This quickly spread like wild fire and created a scare all over the school.

The school got confirmation on Sunday night that the cause of death was indeed meningococcemia and Department of Health representatives have assessed the situation on ground immediately the following day. The school administration in a text message sent to their students' parents advised them to remain calm and that the situation has already been addressed.  

But a number of fake news also circulated in various social media channels saying that other students have also been infected which naturally escalated the issue and increased the tension between the parents and the school's administration who earlier announced that they are not cancelling classes and that it is already safe for them to send their children back to school on Tuesday (that's today).   

What is Meningococcemia?

Meningococcemia is an infection caused by the N. Meningitidis bacteria. When the bacteria infect the membranes that cover your brain and spinal cord, the disease is called meningitis but when the infection remains in your blood but doesn’t infect your brain or spinal cord, it’s called meningococcemia.

Signs & Symptoms

  • fever
  • headache
  • rash consisting of small spots
  • nausea
  • irritability
  • anxiety

More serious symptoms includes: patches of bleeding, lethargy and shock.


N. Meningitidis can live harmlessly in your upper respiratory tract. Simply being exposed to this germ is not enough to cause this disease. Many carry these bacteria, but not all of these people become sick.

An infected person can spread these bacteria through coughing and sneezing.


Must be treated immediately to avoid complications and bleeding disorders. Patients are given antibiotic intravenously to help fight the infection.

So the school didn't suspend the class today but they also arranged a meeting between the members of the PCS Parent Coordinating Body and Dr. Eduardo J. Serrano to explain the situation and answer all their questions.

I gathered that the meeting went well. The main focus of the school right now is to clear all the classmates of the poor child who died of meningococcemia by giving them prophylaxis.

Now if you ask me why I still allowed Sky to go to school even if there's a meningococcemia scare happening, here's my answer:

  1. Well I asked Sky first if their classroom is anywhere near the elementary sections, and she said that it was in another building. So technically they're out of the danger zone.
  2. The school with the blessing of DOH already declared that the school is safe. My decision is based on the confidence that the 105 year-old Catholic educational institution will not jeopardize the good reputation of the school by putting their students in harm's way.
However, we did ask her to take all the necessary precautions. Mask, alcohol and packed lunch just like what the school recommended.



While it seems that being a YouTube creator is more rewarding than old school blogging, I still prefer the latter when sharing MY own personal stories.

I tend to express myself more freely through written words and photos rather than in front of a camera. And while I am far from being a master of written works, it is still my comfort zone.

So my personal story is therefore better read than viewed. However, my YouTube channel is close to 7K subs already (all organic BTW) so if you want to get a glimpse of where I've been and listen to the cool people that I've talked with, then CLICK HERE

Compared to last year, I didn't get a lot of event invites this January and that's a good thing because I do "choose my battles" now - so to speak. And out of the 12 invites that I got, I was only able to go to 6.

Anyway, yesterday I did go to the "Love Matters" valentine concert media conference held at Japan Town in Ayala Malls Vertis North. The concert will feature Kuh Ledesma, Isabella, Kris Lawrence and Gabbi Concepcion. 

FULL STORY will be on

Now, Japan Town is the mall's newest block that houses everything Japanese - from restaurant to retail shops. It's located at the 4th Floor near the Cinemas. According to Ms.Gail Santos, Entertainment Business Marketing of Ayala Land Malls, Ayala Malls Vertis North will also be launching a Korean Town block at the 3rd level of the facility.
I also got a chance to interview blogger FPJ (Florencio Jusay Jr) of Manual To Lyf for my YouTube channel's #EatPrayBlog segment, so that's coming up next.

My quest for a suitable mini tripod for my Lumix remains to be in vain. But I have a good feeling that I'll be able to find the right one before the end of this week.

Last night was Tortilla Chips night at home. We also binge-watched (again) Gravity Falls, we're now in the middle of the second season.

Tomorrow will be my daughter's 13th birthday, we bought her favorite Chocolate Mousse Cake from Conti's and she's treating her friends in school tomorrow to a Jollibee afternoon snack.

I bought her a "Harry Potter" Hufflepuff scarf and deathly hallows pendant. She's a potterhead and her adopted house is Hufflepuff. I am Gryffindor. :)   

The Matrix is Now

The WACHOWSKIS were prophetic in writing the story for "The Matrix" - the 1999 blockbuster film that spawned two more sequels and starred Keanu Reeves in the iconic character of Neo - "The One".

Five years after making the film, Facebook made its debut in cyberspace and everything as they say is all history.

"The Matrix" which talks about the concept of an alternate reality is pretty much what we're experiencing on the internet right now. Probably, in its most primitive phase, being online is already like entering into the virtual universe of the so-called "Matrix".

Social media and social networking sites, to many people around the globe, has already been their reality - from superstar celebrities to the ordinary teens - sites like Facebook and Instagram has become a way of life, a gauge by which they base their success, failures, values, hopes, happiness and dreams.

It is to most an escape from reality and to some a prison. It feeds on people and transforms them into human batteries - the same with what happened in the film. The only difference is that we don't need to be physically plugged in to the system to experience alternate reality - all we need is an internet connection and a PC, Tablet or a Phone, and we're there.

Now the dilemma in the movie is also the same with what's happening today - people need to ask themselves, WHICH IS MY REALITY? 

  • Is my sense of worth determined only by the number of likes, hearts, follows and subscribers that I get from my pages?
  • Is my environment limited only by what is most often shared and viewed on social media?
  • Do I really have "real" friends or just a lot of trigger-happy social media active acquaintances that are hoping and expecting for me to reciprocate their virtual hugs?
  • Are we the real masters of this alternate reality that we made for ourselves or are we just slaves forced to make love with our gadgets every single day?

In this day of age, it is so hard to determine what FREEDOM really is, and the cost we have to pay to have it. Are we really free? 

I may be doing a little bit of a Morpheus in writing this post, but it is what it is. So to end, please allow me to share a conversation between Morpheus and Neo in the film:

Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.


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