Monday, July 26, 2021



Staery the cat caught a mouse in the house.

He chased it up, He chased it down.

He chased that mouse all over town.

And at night, when the moon goes up,

Staery the tired cat, slept on the door mat.

 *Here's a poem I wrote with Sky for her CAE homework back in 2011.  :)  


TIME is the most important commodity that any person could ever have.  It is priceless.  It is also the great equalizer of the world.  With TIME, we are neither rich nor poor for we share the same amount and it only varies on how each of us uses it.

"There once lived a man who was so busy and did not dare to waste a single moment of his important life.  He would be planning the stores he would shop in on his way to town.  Once in the store, he would then plan where he was going to eat after.  While eating, he would look at his watch and choose the schedule of the bus trip to take him home.  He never really paid attention to what he was actually doing.  He was always getting ready for the next event.  Then one day he came to something he had not prepared for, his death.  As he lay dying he was surprised at how empty and meaningless his life was."   

That poor man lived all his life worrying about the future that has not yet come and neglected the joys of living in the present.

I shared this story, because I believe that we all have a little piece of that man in all of us. Our responsibilities and troubles sometimes corrupts us of what is of real great value.  Family, friends, loved ones and even our own health.  We all have missed a couple of important events in our lives and the lives of our loved ones because of our busy schedules and the demands of daily living. Once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences that will never ever happen again.

When my father died, I cried.  Not because of his death but because of the many regrets that I've felt.

It was only when he died that I realized that I never really had spent a lot of time with him.  I never once organized a birthday party for him even if I was doing that monthly within the organization that I am involved in - and I am very good at organizing those kinds of events for complete strangers.  I realized that I have taken all the years that we've had together all for granted and have never even really said "I love You" or even a simple "Thank You" to him, not even once have I remember my mouth uttered those words, not even a whisper.

I was born in a poor family where family events were scarce.  My sister and I never even had a birthday that is worth that Kodak moment but I remember my parents always being there.  My mother cooking for us.  My father treating us to his favorite restaurant eating chicken, pancit canton and that awesome soup when he's got some money.  We were always together and I guess that was the most important thing.

But growing up and the daily challenges that it bring pulled me farther away from that reality.  Family priorities were replaced by other things and that made me lose sight of what my parents really mean to me.

When my father died, I wrote a short poem. Writing has always been a sort of a therapy for me.  I write when I'm happy and when in grief.  I'd like to share the poem to all of you.


So long and goodbye.

My heart trembles as I speak.

The words, I’ve rehearsed and polished to the teeth, now unutterable.

So many things might have been different, if only I had the chance to see what’s around the bend.

And now, there’s just so many things inside my head that keeps me facing the road ahead.

Now in silence, we see face to face.

So long and goodbye must’ve been the words that came out at last.

But in my mind, another chance… just a bit longer to say hello again and not goodbye.

That event in my life has made me realized what is important and I am right now trying very hard to make every moment count especially with my wife and two wonderful kids.  I don't want to ever feel that pain in my heart again, that day when my father died.

Stephen Covey said,

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule,
but to schedule your priorities"

And God knows that this has been my mantra since then. I make sure that when there's an important event in my children's lives that I am there. I was there when my Son graduated from elementary and received his diploma.  I was there during my daughter's first girl scout camping.  I was there when my son first learned to ride a wave board.  I was there when my daughter received her honor medals in school.  I was there when my son was confined to the hospital for dengue and I was there when my daughter first loss a tooth.  I am always gonna be there.  Even if they don't want me there, I am always gonna be there - even in hiding.

Originally Written: February 27, 2013

Friday, April 16, 2021


April 15 is National Anime Day!

The day was first coined in 1975, with a convention in Tokyo attended by 700 participants. During this day, Anime fans share pictures of their favourite shows and characters to celebrate.

The term Anime is used to mean animated works regardless of style and origin. However, for people outside Japan, the term is used mainly to describe Japanese animation or those produced in Japan.

In addition to original works, Anime are also adaptations of Manga and video games.

The earliest that I was able to watched on local television are all mecha or robot based Anime:

Voltes 5
Mazinger Z

While I enjoy watching almost all kinds of Anime, especially those that were dubbed in English or Filipino, I can only count on one hand the ones that I'll be willing to watch over and over again.

Here are my Top 5 Anime of all time:

This series is based on the Manga written by Masashi Kishimoto, serialized in 1999 and adapted into television in 2002. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young orphan ninja who dream of becoming a Hokage. The Anime series has a total of three parts already: Naruto (220 episodes), Naruto Shipuuden (500 episodes) and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (194 episodes and counting)

This series is based on the Manga created by Nobuhiro Watsuki called Rurouni Kenshin that first appeared in 1994. It follows the story of a former assassin from the Bakumatsu, known as Hitokiri Battosai during the 11th year of the Meiji period in Japan (1878). The Manga was adapted inyo a TV series in 1996 with a total of 95 episodes. it also spawned a three-part live action film with actor Takeu Satoh playing the title role.

Forget about the 2010 live action film, the three season and 61-episode series produced by Nickelodeon is the real deal. Fantastic animation that combines traditional anime and western styles, the series, which tells the story of a 12 year-old mystical Avatar called Aang, is well-written and well-received. First episode aired in February of 2005. The adventure continued in 2012 with the launch of a sequel series called Avatar: The Legend of Korra with a total of 4 seasons and 52 episodes.

Written by ONE, One Punch Man is a silly Manga that talks about the adventures of a Superhero named Saitama who can defeat any villains with just a single punch. The Anime series first aired in 2015 and ran for a total of 24 episodes and 12 OVAs.

Boku No Hiro Akademia is a superhero Manga series released in 2014. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers (called Quirks) but still dreams of becoming a superhero himself. He is scouted by All Might, Japan's greatest hero, who chooses Midoriya as his successor and shares his Quirk with him after recognizing his potential, and later helps to enroll him in a prestigious high school for heroes in training. The anime series which first aired in 2016 is now on its 5th Season with a total of 91 episodes and running. The series also spawned two films, a third is already in the pipeline.

Saturday, March 20, 2021


March 19 - Today, Catholic and Christian's all over the world celebrate SAINT JOSEPH'S DAY.

Husband to the Virgin Mary and legal father to Jesus Christ. Saint Joseph, though not as popular as the martyr saints, is one of the most significant figure in the life of Jesus.

He's known by many titles, the most popular here in the Philippines would be Saint Joseph The Worker which has a separate memorial celebrated on the 1st day of the month of May. However, the solemnity of Saint Joseph or his feast day is and will always be on the 19th of March.

Saint Joseph also received other titles such as:

  • The foster father of the Eternal Judge.
  • The Illustrious Son of David. The Gospel of Matthew begins with the origin of Jesus or His genealogy that traces Joseph's bloodline to that of King David, and even to Jacob, Isaac and Abraham.
  • He's also known as the mirror of patience and purity.    

Saint Joseph is also known as the patron of the universal church, the dying, fathers, travelers, immigrants, and carpenters.

His own death was the most beautiful because he died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

But there's one other title awarded to Saint Joseph that are not known to many Christians.   

He is also known as Saint Joseph the Terror of Demons and the Conqueror of Hell.

Sacred writers agree in saying that the intercession of Saint Joseph is an efficacious means of overthrowing the tyranny of satan and propagating the Kingdom of God.

Missionaries, exorcists and even satanists all attest to the power of Saint Joseph's intercession against all demonic foes.

So if you don't want EVIL to triumph in the world, your country or within you, you ask for his intercession.  

As we all know, OUR demons comes in many forms. And some demons are more prominent all over the world more than others. Right now the whole world is in a battle against a pandemic, and more than just the virus which has caused it, people [and countries] are now faced with the many demons that came along with it, or perhaps its very origin as well.

For this, Saint Joseph, is now our greatest ally.

Saint Joseph Terror of Demons, Pray For Us!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

BISI-BISITA LANG (A Short Story By K. Brian Makabayan)


by K. Brian Makabayan

(Ang post na ito ay rated SPG: Striktong patnubay at gabay ng magulang ay kailagan. Maaaring may maseselang tema, lengwahe, Bato o Duterte na hindi angkop sa mga bata)

Alas onse ng gabi at nag-uulat si Pangulong Rodrigo Dutz sa bayan nang bigla na lang siyang bumulagta at humandusay sa sahig. Nataranta ang mga alipores.

Bong Go: Boss!!!!! (sumigaw at kuminang ang kanyang braces sa ngipin.)

Nang nagkamalay ay napansin ni Dutz na siya ay nasa ibang lugar na. Madilim ng kaunti at tila nasa isang napakalaking kuweba siya.

“Lodi!!!”, ani ng isang malakas at malalim na boses.

Biglang lumiwanag at isang lalaking naka suot pula at may sungay ang nagpakita, kasama ang ilang tauhan.

“Ako si Taning. Huwag kang mangamba. Di mo pa oras. Hiniram lang kita saglit. Gusto ko lang talaga mag-meet tayo ng personal dito sa haybols ko.”

Dutz: ha? Si Taning ka? Impiyerno ba ito?

Taning: Okay ba ang lugar ko? Pasensya ka na ha, biglaan lang. Araw araw kasi pinabibilib mo ako sa kahayupan mo. Demonyo na ako niyan ha? Petmalu ka. Ilan beses mong tinuya si Lord? Ako nga 3 beses lang, suko na. Pati nga Santo Papa minura mo; mga obispo at pari, binastos mo na, pinagbantaan mo pa. Haha. Kahit sina Hitler, Stalin at Saddam naghunos dili ng konti pero ikaw? Werpa to the max! Ilan ang napatay na bata sa iyong war on drugs kuno? Si Haring Herodes nga ilan lang pinatay na inosente, ikaw libo libo.

Dutz: (nagkamot sa ulo) Payo mo yata yun e? Yung bang napatay namin ng PNP na mga addict/user e andito na ba sa impiyerno?

Taning: Mangilan ngilan lang ang narito. Karamihan pina-process ang papeles, yung iba nasa taas na. Ano ba akala mo? Ang addiction ay mental health issue -kesyo drugs yan, o alak, sugal, sigarilyo, kape o tsokolate man. Hindi naman lahat ng nalulong o gumagamit, masama.

Dutz: akala ko pa naman iyon ang gusto mo. So, di ka masaya sa nagawa namin?

Taning: Sobrang happy kaya! Yang nagawa mo- yung ilaganap ang kasamaan, pang aabuso, pangloloko, pagkakawatak watak ng tao – higit pa yan sa 30,000 na kinitil mong buhay. Exponential rate ang habol ko.

Dutz: Ha? Di ko ma-gets.

Taning: Pinoy ka kasi; ang hilig mo sa tingi. Ganito lang ‘yan. Aanhin ko mga ilan mang mapunta dito kung mas marami ang na-impluwensya mo? Kung maging kultura na ang pagiging masama? Tingnan mo yung lespu sa tarlac na pumatay sa mag-ina. Mangyayari ba yun kung di ka ganyan ka garapal? Kung di mo pinalakas loob ng mga parak? Tuwing makikita mo sa social media na may mga nagmumurahan, nagkakalat ng kasinungalingan, pamilyang nagkakasira, politikong nagmamalabis, kababaihang nababastos, mga taong nawawalan ng pagasa at tiwala, ‘yan ang habol ko. Hindi iyong mga pobreng user. Pag dumadami ang mga taong ang akala e sila lang ang may karapatan sa buhay– yan ang hudyat ng kaganapan ng mga plano ko, este, natin. Tingnan mo nga nagkakagulo pati PDEA at pulis, nagbabarilan na. Nagkasagupa ang bopol at kawatan. Bwahahahaha.

Dutz: So ganoon nga. Ikaw ang nagpayo sa akin sa lahat.

Taning: Halos lahat. Ako kaya ang spiritual adviser mo. Araw araw mo akong katabi, nagpapayo.

Dutz: tulad ng war on drugs?

Taning: Check!

Dutz: Pamigay ng teritoryo sa China?

Taning: Op kors!

Dutz: Pangungulimbat at pag appoint ng mga corrupt?

Taning: Naman…

Dutz: pakulong kay Delima?

Taning: Hep, hep. Hindi ah. Ikaw na yan. Si Lucifer ako pero di ako ganyan kasama. Matinong tao yan, ginagago mo.

Dutz: Sobra ka naman kung makapagsalita. Di ba ikaw nga pinuno dito?

Taning: Excuse me! Dati akong Arkanghel, hoy. Fallen angel lang ako. E ikaw simula’t sapul ganyan na. Pati kasambahay nilapastangan mo, lahat ng inasawa mo pinagtaksilan mo, mga walang laban pinatay mo, lahat ng salita mo may mura, lahat ng pangako mo binaligtad mo. Bwahahaha! Kaya labs na labs kita e. Ibang klase ka.

Dutz: Parang nanlalambot na ako.

Taning: Huwag ka manghina. May misyon ka pa. Kahit naman ganyan ka, ang taas mo pa rin sa survey. Tapos sa social media, tuwang tuwa pa sila.

Dutz: Mga trolls naman karamihan doon. Tsaka may mga tao tayong pinagagalaw: mga bloggers, influencers, epals, at iba pang halang ang kaluluwa.

Taning: O, speaking of halang ang kaluluwa…
(May biglang dumating na nakatapis lang ng tuwalya sa baywang)

JPE: Digongski! Napasyal ka?

Dutz: Manong Johnny! Andito ka na ba? Kalian pa?

JPE: haha. Naku hindi. Bumibisita lang ako pag gusto ko mag-sauna. Minsan pag nasumpungan, accupunture din. Nagpapatusok sa sungay ni Taning at mga alipores niya.

Dutz: (bumulong kay Taning) Tagal na niyan sa lupa, di mo pa ba kukunin yan?

Taning: Sinner citizen na talaga yan. E bakit ko kukunin yan? Kung ikaw ba ako, magtitiwala ka diyan? TIngnan mo nga ilang beses nag coup yan umpisa kay Makoy.

Dutz: speaking of the other devil, narito ba si Apo Ferdie? Kausapin ko sana si idol.

JPE: Tiyempo naman na nagda-dialysis.

Dutz: kala ko kaluluwa lang ang andito. Bakit mag dialysis? May equipment kayo?

Taning: May health insurance kami dito noh? Kaya pag dating ng mga Philhealth boys mo, sila I pa manage ko. Ibang klaseng dialysis, mahirap i-explain. Hayaan mo, sa susunod na bisita mo…

Dutz: Ganun? Pero teka, okay lang siya dito? Nakakausap mo ba?

Taning: Di ko kinakausap. May atraso pa nga iyan. Noong unang nag report yang si Ferdie, chineck ko ang papeles sandali, pag lingat ko nawawala na ang “Gates of Hell”. Hanggang ngayon di pa umaamin. Inosente daw siya at ipagtatanggol daw siya ang abogado niyang si Estelito. Amp!

Dutz: Mahihirapan ka talaga diyan. Nga pala, may kinalaman ka ba sa pesteng COVID na yan? Hirap na rin kasi ako.

Taning: Iyang COVID? Ano naman alam ko diyan? Alam mo, tagasulsol lang ako; nanunukso, nangangantiyaw, nambubuyo, nanglilinglang. Wala akong powers na ganyan. Gumawa ka na lang ng paraan. Ano ba nagawa mo mula nang nagsimula ang pandemic?

Dutz: Uhmm, teka, ano…pinukulong ko si Maria Ressa, pinapasa ko ang anti-terrorism bill, nagpagawa ako ng pekeng beach sa Manila bay tapos pinasara ko ang ABS CBN.

Taning: Magaling! Tapos magtataka ka kung bakit ka nahihirapan. Ano ang ginagawa mo sa ngayon?

Dutz: Bumili ako ng overpriced and less effective na vaccine sa China. Tapos tuwing lunes ng hating gabi, may TV coverage ako para mag-ulat. Pinag mumumura ko na lang lahat ng mapagtripan ko.

Taning: Hatinggabi? Ayos ka rin ah. Once a week ka na lang magtrabaho, undertime na, alanganing oras pa. Tindi mo talaga. Tuloy mo na lang siguro yan hanggang magkagulo.

Dutz: E paano kung magalit na ang tao? Niluluto ko pa naman si Sara pagtapos ng term ko. Pa-delicious lang, kunwari ayaw tumakbo pero nagkalat ang tarpaulin. Tapos noon magtuloy tuloy na. Dating gawi ba?

Taning: Di nga? Si Sara? Bwahahaha! Hmmm… (napatahimik)

Dutz: Malalim yata iniisip mo, bossing?

Taning: Naisip ko lang kasi. 6 na taon ka, tapos susundan ka ni Sara ng 6 na taon pa? Aba e kung i-relocate ko na lang kaya ang impiyerno sa Pilipinas? Mas malala pa e. Bwahaha!

(“Boss…boss…” isang tinig ang narinig mula sa kalawakan)

Taning: Red alert! Red alert! Magbantay kayo! Baka sinasalakay na tayo!

Dutz: Bakit? Katabi naman natin si Manong Johnny ah.

Taning: Baka kasi andiyan na si San Miguel, hahatawin na naman ako niyan.

Dutz: Relax. Hawak natin si Mr. Ramon A.

Taning: Yung tunay na San Miguel. Iyong mandirigmang arkanghel!

(“boss..boss..hinahanap ka na…”, sabi ng boses)

Dutz: teka, kilala ko ang boses na yan. Yan iyong ka-double ko sa Basilan at kung saan pa. Baka bumubulong na naman sa lupa. Anong problema?

(“boss..balik ka na please…”)

Dutz: O, paano bossing? manong Johnny? Kailangan ko na pa lang bumalik. Huwag mo ako pabayaan ha?

Taning: Oo naman. Parati lang akong nasa tabi mo.

(Sabay ngiti ni Taning at kuminang ang kanyang braces sa ngipin)

Dutz: P^+@>&!>@ !! Bong Go, ikaw ba yan???!!!

(The end)