The Itchyworms Returns with a New Retro-Pop Song “Panic In My Mind”

The Itchyworms are back with an upbeat, retro-pop tune that deals with the dread of knowing that your loved one will be moving away to a different place for good. Their new single “Panic In My Mind” was specifically written for their bandmate Chino Singson, who moved to Canada with his family to start a new life.  But according to Jazz Nicolas (lead vocals, drums, piano, keyboards, and keytar), who wrote the song based on a real-life event, the meaning behind “Panic In My Mind” can be taken in multiple ways. “The second half of the song shifts the narrative to a bitter person whose ex-partner in now with someone else, and is having a jealous existential crisis because of that.” The Itchyworms' signature sound lives on in "Panic in My Mind," which blends intricate vocal harmonies and colorful melodies with ‘60s-style pop. A perfect accompaniment for its lyrics, which talk about pining over someone in a world where they are the anomaly, the arrangement turns up

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