Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ano Gagawin N'yo Pag Nanalo Kayo Ng 700M sa 6/58 Lotto?


Simple lang ang isasagot ko - I AM GOING TO BUY SOME TIME!


And it is also the BEST investment that you can ever have! Better than Gold, Oil or a piece of land. You can have all the money in the world but when you fail to invest on TIME - all that money will be worth NOTHING.

Let's look at it this way:

When a company hires someone they usually look for people with a certain set of skills and qualities that they need in their organization. But whether the candidate are for top management position or rank & File, what they'll pay you for is YOUR TIME. In that aspect EMPLOYEES ARE ALL EQUAL the only difference is the value of your TIME.

You wanna know the real key to the success of people who have gotten rich in their chosen industries? It's TIME! They have lots of it. They are able to multiply themselves to people and things. More TIME means more opportunities to do whatever they need to earn more.  

On the employees end, if you apply for a job, more than your skills and charming personality, what you are actually offering employers are of course YOUR TIME. By investing TIME to learn more and be more, you increase the value of your TIME and as a natural consequence you earn more money or admiration - whichever is more important to you. 

Every single day, we trade or barter TIME. The crazy thing about this commodity is that its VALUE is dependent on whoever has it. You're the one who adds VALUE onto it. 

The sad part is that it's limited and once TIME is gone - it's gone forever. That's why wise people focuses more on the quality of time that they have rather than how much TIME they have.

However, more TIME will not guarantee you a happy life. You'll need to find out for yourself what matters most and invest more time on that. Sometimes we use time unwisely and that could be even worst than having no time at all. 

Now when I said buying some time - I am actually saying that I am literally going to use money to buy more TIME. How?

I am going to use the money that I won in the lotto (which is by the way less than 700M because of the tax) and invest it on businesses - I am going to buy people's time to help me make my investments grow.  

First task is to multiply myself in competent people - grow more hands and feet.

Currently, I am only using 2 hands, 2 feet and most of my TIME working just to earn a living instead of spending it with my wife and two kids. With the businesses in place, I am confident that i'll be able to have more of my own TIME.

Because I believe that more than money and all the material things this world can offer, TIME is the best thing that we can give to all the people that we love.      

Friday, September 21, 2018


Ang mamatay nang dahil sa 'yo.

Ang totoo ay di ko PA kayang kantahin ito nang may buong paninindigan. Kaya naman lubos ang aking paghanga sa milyon-milyong Pilipino na pinapakita ang kanilang TAPANG at MALASAKIT para sa bayan sa pamamagitan ng FB at TWITTER. 

Ipagdarasal ko po ang inyong matagumpay na pag JETSKI papuntang Spratly habang bitbit ang ating bandila.

Kelan po ba ang schedule?


SEN. SOTTO proposed the changing of a line in the National Anthem. After receiving a lot of NEGATIVE feedbacks from netizens - the senator is said to have abandoned the idea.

LABAN! LABAN! BAWI! BAWI! Get Get Awwwwww!


May ilang netizen ang pumayag na baguhin ang last line ng Lupang Hinirang pero eto ang kanilang mungkahing ipalit, Imbes na "Ang mamatay nang dahil sa 'yo" ay:

"May nagpakamatay nang dahil sa yo"

At tumigil ang pag-ikot ng mundo.


Ang daming nagsasabi na gumanda ang buhay sa Pilipinas no'ng panahon ng Martial Law. 80% nung mga nagsabi ay di inabot ang panahon ng Martial Law. Yun natitirang 20% ay mga kamag-anak ng mga cronies o wala sa Pilipinas ng mga panahon na yun. :)


Sabi ni Enrile wala daw napatay o nakulong noong panahon ng Martial Law. "Name me one person who was arrested simply because they criticized President Marcos, " Enrile said.

At sumagot ang mga kamag-anak ng mga biktima at ilan sa mga biktima sa pamamagitan ng PUTANG INA! :)

Teka ilan taon na ba si Enrile - mag 100 na ata si Tatang di ba? Baka nag-uulianin na! Si Enrile ang Arkitekto ng Martial Law - wala pong arkitekto na magsasabi na ang dahilan kung bakit gumuho ang gusali ay dahil pangit ang pagkaka-desenyo nya.


Napakarami namang PROPAGANDA sa Pilipinas ngayon. Hindi na lang kasi tugunan ang mga problema ng maayos kailangan pa talagang mamulitika muna?

Amoy na Amoy ko na ang ELEKSYON!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kids Drag Old Man Out of Jeepney in Manila - What's The Real Story?

THERE'S this story (and video) that went viral a couple of days ago but I think there's more to it than what it appears to be.

And I've seen posts condemning these kids like they were criminals which in my opinion is NOT CORRECT.

They need to be rehabilitated and put in an environment where they are loved, cared for and formed to become responsible citizens of this country. They are not garbage, they're human beings who never had those basic rights!

Let's put aside emotions and examine the video more closely:

Walang tsinelas si manong so he looks like a street dweller as well and the street kids all knew him because there are other passengers inside but he was singled out.

Plus the target was that thing the old man was holding. Maybe it's food or money, we may not know.

I didn't see any physical attempt to hurt the man. They were after that bag, the Manong didn't let go.

So there's a story behind this we don't know about. Most of the time, things posted on social media are just the TIP of the iceberg. WAG po tayo masyadong TRIGGER-HAPPY and like what a friend once told me - unless you know the REAL or WHOLE STORY never ever make your judgment especially when lives are at stake.

Bottomline is, maraming street dwellers pa rin sa Manila - let's ask our elected officials WHY?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Minsan Kailangan Mo Mapahiya Para Matuto Ka

May GOODNEWS para sa driver ng nasakyan kong jeepney kanina.


Nakasakay na ba kayo ng jeep na yun driver ay may napakaraming RUDE side comments sa mga pasahero - di sumakay at sumakay? Well, yun yong nasakyan ko kanina.

So si manong mema at napaka negative ng aura. Nakaka-stress talaga.

Sa may bandang Immaculate Conception sa Cubao, may pumara na babae. Pero bago sumakay, nagtanong muna sa driver.

"Cubao po, manong?"

"Oo, Arayat, palengke," sagot ng driver na may halong sungit.

Habang sumasakay ang babae, as expected, may pa side comment na naman yun driver.

"Cubao na nga to e, tinatanong pa."

E narinig nung babaeng pasahero, so sinagot n'ya yun driver habang papaupo.

"Sorry ho, di ko nga ho alam e kaya nga ko nagtanong sa inyo e."

Ramdam na Ramdam ko ang HIYA mula sa driver's seat. Kulang na lang e sumigaw ako ng BOOM at BUSTED!

Well to cut the long story (and trip) short, TAHIMIK na si manong driver the whole trip at may libre pang pa-announce kung nasaang kanto na yun jeep.

WE all need to LEARN from events like these so that just like Manong Driver, we could be reminded to always be kind and to strive to become a better person everyday.

That's the reason why I am sharing this.

Minsan Kailangan Mo Mapahiya Para Matuto Ka

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


MINSAN mabilis talaga ang Karma (or whatever you call it) sa mga gago sa kalsada.

A few minutes ago, habang naglalakad ako sa Gen. Luna pauwi ng Paco may humaharurot na motorsiklo na pumina sa kin sabay sigaw nung driver sa tenga ko ng "HOY" na parang nag-titrip. Feeling nya e magugulat nya ko, kaso lobat na ko so di na rin nagana adrenaline ko kaya dedma lang.

So dere-derecho sya at may palingon pa na nalalaman e INTERSECTION yun ng San Marcelino at Faura, ayun may SUV na galing sa kaliwa at nasalpok sya AS IN tumilapon sya sa bike nya.

Buhay pa naman sya, i ika-ika mag lakad. Tahimik sya kasi alam nya na siya ang may kasalanan. Natawa rin ako ng slight and balak ko sana kunan ng photo kaso wag na, di pati maganda camera ko sa low light. 😀

So, sa mga ma-angas dyan sa sasakyan - Drive Responsibly lang naman at wag pasaway.