Friday, January 8, 2016

DOTC Launches New MRT - LRT Fitness Program

With barely six months of office work left, the big bosses of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) launches its new fitness program for all Metro Manila commuters through the MRT and LRT train systems.

Here are the main features of the said program:

  • The fitness activity starts with a healthy walk UP and DOWN the train stations since almost all the Escalators and Elevators are already rendered unusable and not safe to use. For beginners,you may choose to start with LRT which is a slightly shorter climb compared to MRT. For experts, try the Shaw Boulevard and Quezon Avenue stations.
  • Another great activity in the said fitness program are the long lines. A long line going up the stations, one more long line to the ticket booth and finally one more long line to get inside the platforms. For non-beginners you may choose not to get the BEEP cards for longer waiting periods. The activity is said to help strengthen your legs, improve stamina and PATIENCE.
  • For Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts, get your game on by riding the trains during Rush Hours. Improve your blocking, balance and defensive techniques especially when getting out of the trains while other passengers who are racing to get inside tries to prevent you from coming out.
  • For those who enjoys a little more challenge.  Join the advance program by riding the trains that usually breaks down in between stations and add walking on the railway as part of your routine.
  • You don't need to enroll in swimming lessons to improve your breathing. Ride the trains again during Rush Hour and see how long you can hold your breath. Other passengers who either forgot to take a shower or brush their teeth will motivate you to meet your targets for the day.
  • Finally, get your excess fats off fast and easy by riding the LRT and MRT everyday. Choose the train sections that has little or no air conditioner. The old trains usually have these as a special feature. I've experienced it first hand and it is way better and cheaper than sauna or those fancy hotbeds and steam baths.
Old folks, pregnant women and PWDs are DISCOURAGED to take this program.

So that's it!

I am so glad that this government and its Daang Matuwid program is taking the over-all fitness of the Filipino people into consideration and a PRIORITY by setting-up a lot of ways to make us SUFFER (for our fitness goals)!    

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Are You a Hero or a Villain?

There is a thin line that separates a hero from a villain!

They both make hard choices in life and in the end, it doesn't really matter what side you're with - it's how you lived through the decisions that you've made.

Heroes may also become Villains at some point in their lives. And they can be both at the same time in the eyes of one person.

Every hero has a villain inside them wanting to come out and every villain has a hero inside them waiting to be seen.
Heroes and Villains do not choose their path with a blind eye. They act on impulse, they act on circumstances, they act on principles, on values, on beliefs, on instinct.


This is the thing that separates them from the mere spectators and the people that they save or terrorize.

This is what separates Superman and Luthor from the rest of the crowd in Metropolis; The Batman and the Joker from Gotham City's people.

They don't just stay in the sidelights and watch. They take action. And these actions keeps everything in motion. Changing everything. Good or Bad.

Heroes and Villains do not need super powers or high tech gadgets to become one. They just need to ACT. 


When I was in college, I used to hang out with friends till midnight just talking about anything or goofing around almost everyday.

We don't do the crazy stuffs like drinking booze, or anything.. heck we don't even smoke and join gangs or fraternities (which is pretty rampant in those days).

We were just the noisy, wacky, annoying and lazy bunch that tends to drive the neighborhood mad (in a good way).

Our favorite place to hangout then was either inside the Jeepney of 'Onad', my friend Eric's older brother or just the bench right in front of our Barangay Captain's house.

We don't have money to go to those party places. We just cap the night with a hot lugaw or pandesal and a cold bottle of Coke and that's it. - solve!

One night while we were hanging around inside Onad's Jeepney, a notorious drug addict, gangster, thief and suspected murderer who lives in our Barangay was ganged up by another rival gang.

We all saw everything because we were just only about 15 feet away from where it happened.

After about less than a minute of brawling he was left behind and was able to walk until he collapses just in front of the Jeepney where we are in.

A lot of people saw these, they all went out of their houses and looked on.

I was studying nursing then at Emilio Aguinaldo College and my nursing instinct told me to come out and help this person.

My friends tried to stopped me from coming out - not because it's dangerous but because in their minds they wanted him to die because that person is known as a human plague in our place, a stupid virus that needs to be eradicated.

In my mind, I wanted that too. But I am a nursing student and I know that in my heart that I can help that person because of what I've learned in school. Maybe because I thought I have the power to do so (not the willingness though). But as Ben Parker told Peter Parker in the movie Spiderman... "with power comes responsibilities."

So I went out and made my nursing assessment.. he received numerous stab wounds so i ripped his clothes off and put pressure on the most critical wounds.

My friends saw what I was doing, they all came out of the Jeepney and helped me in putting pressure on the other wounds to stop the bleeding. I know that they didn't want to, but they did, because I was their friend and we stick together.

Our Barangay Captain then finally asked for some of his men to get a tricycle and bring the wounded menace to the nearest hospital.

We did not receive any praises that night for what I did, only stone-cold silence from the people around us. I went home with blood on my hands and my shirt. And the confusion that if what I did was right or wrong.

My praise came a few weeks after when I saw the person I helped that night who is now well and good. We crossed path and he said his thanks. I was pretty much pleased with what I did but not until the following day and the days to come.

Because that was the start of our Barangay's nightly unstoppable gang wars and street rumbles - all courtesy of the person who thanked me for helping him that night. There was never a silent night after that.

Some of the people who knew what happened that night started blaming me and my friends and the Barangay for helping him live.

The gang wars only stopped when a policeman finally put a bullet on the body of that person.

His death brought a lasting peace in our place. The gangs laid low and we were able to hang out once again until midnight.

Up until now, I still don't know if what I did that night was right or wrong.

I ACTED and the world I knew CHANGED.

In the end, what I did didn't matter... but it is how I lived through the decision I made.

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Full?

One person sees a glass half-empty, another person sees a glass half-filled... but rarely, we see a glass with water and then look for someone who might be thirsty and in need of a drink.
What is it that you see?
Glass Half-Empty.

The pessimist, or the realist!

The world around us - and forgive me for saying - is as half-empty as the glass of water we're talking about. In my experience, the reality of things is not as wonderful as one would wish it to be.

Admit it or not, majority of the people around us are scared to bring out their mobile phones in public to make a call because of FEAR that it would get stolen.

Majority, would pick a career they don't even like over a lifelong dream because of security, money and stability.

Majority... are pessimistic, or to soften the blow... realistic.

Glass Half-Filled.

The optimists, or the idealist.

A small minority of risk-takers and counter-culture people. They either end up making a mark in this world because of their principled endeavors or die and carry with them their dreams, their hopes, aspirations and the knowledge of the fact that reality bites... and it bites hard.

These minority believed in the goodness of people and in change and are directly motivated by it. They see or rather imagine things which are contrary to known beliefs and realities. They expect more from the world and sometimes more than what the world can offer at the present reality - this is their strength and this is also their weakness.

I once belong to this group... and to a certain degree, I still do.

Glass of Water to Share.

The good samaritan.
They are both realistic and idealistic in nature. They see a glass half-empty and find someone who needs it more.

They work on 'Abundance Mentality' - which is far more greater than being just an optimist. They believe and hope for the best and knowing this, they also see the reality of the world and that more than anything else - HOPE is the one thing that needs to be shared.

They don't dwell on the reality of things and do nothing.

They don't only believe that goodness and change will come instead they make it happen not only for what they think is right for them but for all the people around them.

They believe that the world has a lot to offer, so much that one person cannot contain it and that it needs to be shared.

Such person knows the meaning of contentment.

Such person knows the value of other peoples lives.

Such person is not motivated by fame and rewards for their actions.

But... sad to say, such a person rarely exist in our present reality. Most of these people stay invisible to the public's eyes because they are not known to advertise their achievements like government officials, celebrities, rich people who conducts public service activities with press releases and the TV networks.

Yes, they are invisible and rarely noticed, but to the people they have shared their lives with they remain eternal.

It's a tough act to follow.

Because actually, most would rather see a glass with water and then ask for more even if it's already full.