Tuesday, May 26, 2020


This "New Normal" that everyone is talking and worrying about will not be as big an impact as people have envisioned it to be.

In fact, if we follow human history, the pandemic crisis we have now fails in comparison to 
the previous ones we've had and the resulting "new normal" could only be likened to what daylight saving time is to the world.

Do any of your kids know what DST is? No? And that is precisely my point.

Now I am not downplaying the severity of the crisis we have now and how this virus is targeting the weakest members of our global population. But you see as far as history is concerned, we humans tend to become better after facing something big like this.

The Black Plague, Civil Wars, Revolutions, World War 1 and 2 have brought us great sufferings but it also gave birth to better societies, progress, technological advancements, more enlightened people and healthier lifestyles. It's in the history books, you should read more.

We value peace more after a war. We value healthy living more after a health crisis. We learn to care for each other more after an enormous amount of loss. We lead better. We live better, more.

It's like what Kelly Clarkson said in her song "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," and we will be stronger.

Well if you don't get strong, you die - that simple. I vote for strong! 🙋

So don't worry about the "new normal" - it's only just a leaf in autumn passing by with the wind.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

10 Films That I Can Watch Over and Over Again

There's a growing craze in Facebook that allows a user to list down their top 10 things on different categories.

There's one about food, places and music but somehow the most popular is still the one that talks about the films that had the most impact in our lives. I have joined the bandwagon a couple of weeks ago and have listed down my very own Top 10 films.

I have chosen these 10 films not because they're all award-worthy films but I guess these are the ones that I can remember easy and that i could sit down to watching over an over again.

Here are what's on my list:

NEWSIES (1992)



HOOK (1991)






SUPER 8 ( 2011)


10 Albums That Helped Shaped My Taste in Music

If I am to describe my taste in music or my musical preferences, well I have to say that it's quite diverse. I love almost all kinds of music and I can't think of any genre that I don't really appreciate.

I have in my files a collection of music from different decades - 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2Ks up to the current billboard hit charts. I don't have a single favorite generation because there are always songs that I will fell in love with in each. My ears will make love to a Patti Page song as easily as the one coming from KYGO.

I was born during the Disco and Folk, Rock & Country era. Spent my childhood with Pop, New Wave and Metal songs and have matured towards Grunge, RNB, Rap and the hybrids.

Well if there's one decade that i can most identify with it's probably the 90s but my musical taste are not confined just there.

Here are 10 albums that had the biggest impact on me:

Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual (1983)

This was my very first cassette tape allbum - and I got it from a Pepsi promo. The songs in the album very much shaped 80s Pop and back then American Pop was either Cyndi Lauper, Madonna or Michael Jackson! I was more of a Cyndi Lauper.

Francis M - Meron Akong Ano (1993)

Back when rap was just starting in the Philippines, this Francis M album has made a strong impression on me as it merges rock and rap successfully. It quickly became an anthem to young Pinoys who are frustrated of the many growing pains of the post revolution Philippines like the "power crisis" of the Ramos administration.

Singles The Original Motion Picture Sundtrack (1992)

More than being a nice romantic film, the songs in the movie has encapsulated the new and growing trend in music and culture in those days and it's called grunge. Grunge fueled a revolution in OPM rock music and spawned a lot of Pinoy Rock and Alternative Bands that will rule the airwaves for more than a decade.

Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)

And speaking of grunge, here's the one that started it all! Nirvana - no intro and explanation needed! Kurt Cobain was and will always be the iconic figure of that generation.

Eraserheads - Sticker Happy (1997)

If there's one band in the Philippines that can be likened to the popularity of Nirvana, it's probably the Eraserheads. While their previous albums Ultraelectromagneticpop, Circus and Cutterpillow created most of their popular hits, Sticker Happy is probably their most matured one when it comes to musicality.

Also back in the 90s and up to Y2K, and being an active choir member of the Catholic Youth Organization and other Catholic religious youth groups, it is expected that I will be inclined to be influenced by religious music and there were 2 albums that have given me inspiration up until the time when I graduated from leading groups to teaching other leaders through formation seminars. 

The Best of Bukas Palad (1999) and Hangad (2000) - most of their songs I have sang during church service and have used in seminars and recollections that I've facilitated. Songs like Anima Christi, Take and Receive and Pagkakaibigan.

Back when I was working as a Multi Media Officer in Baclaran, designing church presentations and seminar module presentations, I was introduced to another inspiring album filled with beautiful new-age type of music and instrumentals - NARADA. Their collection ranges from the late 80s up to the early 2000. Narada Decade (1993) was my favorite album.
It's weird but I am also drawn to female pop rock bands/artists and their music. In the 90s I was into the music of Alanis Morissette, Bjork, The Cranberries, Sixpence None The Richer, Lisa Loeb, Garbage and others. In 2000 it was Avril Lavigne and Pink.

However two of the best pop rock female artists album that I can listen to over and over again are the ones from Paramore and Lenka.

Paramore - Brand New Eyes (2009) and Lenka (2008).     

So that's it for now, I am sure that I am going to discover more music that I will love in the future.   

Saturday, May 2, 2020

10 Relief Items Distributed in Metro Manila During the CoVid-19 Lockdown

Here's a list of 10 items that we have received from the local government of the City of Manila during the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) or lockdown, implemented last March 17. 

The lockdown was recently extended in certain parts to May 15 by the national government because the cases are still going up.

Here's the list:

1. Bigas (weekly ration)
2. Tuyo 
3. Canned Fish
4. Whole Chicken
5. Hotdog
6. Spaghetti and Spaghetti Sauce
7. Eggs
8. Bihon
9. Face Masks
10. 1,000 Pesos Cash

These relief items are being distributed by our barangay to every household. There are also special relief items for Senior Citizens.

Aside from the relief goods from the local government, we have also received 1,000 worth of Sodexo GCs from Caritas Manila Oplan Damayan given as monetary support from different private corporations.

We also received chocolate pies, veggies and Ladies' Choice items distributed by other cause oriented groups and NGOs.

I didn't avail of that so-called SAP from the government even though I am one of those who lost all means of livelihood since the start of the quarantine period. At least walang maisusumbat sa kin tong mga nasa gobyerno kapag nagsasalita ako sa mga kapalpakan nila! 

Anyway, I heard that the Oplan Damayan group and other NGOs are now doing an audit of their relief distribution efforts. Parang contact-tracing lang din ng DOH kung yun mga sinubmit na nakalista ay talagang nakatanggap - kasi, although majority of the central distribution are parish-based, idinadaan pa din kasi nila ito sa mga barangay - at alam naman natin ang kalakaran ng ibang barangay. Di naman lahat matitino, marami pa rin ang mananamantala.

So, sana nga lang yun sa mga binibigay ng gobyerno meron din audit na mangyari. Kasi marami ako comment na nakikita na merong mga household at communities na di talaga nakakatanggap at kung makatanggap man e isang beses lang habang ang iba ay halos linggo linggo may nakukuha.