This "New Normal" that everyone is talking and worrying about will not be as big an impact as people have envisioned it to be.

In fact, if we follow human history, the pandemic crisis we have now fails in comparison to 
the previous ones we've had and the resulting "new normal" could only be likened to what daylight saving time is to the world.

Do any of your kids know what DST is? No? And that is precisely my point.

Now I am not downplaying the severity of the crisis we have now and how this virus is targeting the weakest members of our global population. But you see as far as history is concerned, we humans tend to become better after facing something big like this.

The Black Plague, Civil Wars, Revolutions, World War 1 and 2 have brought us great sufferings but it also gave birth to better societies, progress, technological advancements, more enlightened people and healthier lifestyles. It's in the history books, you should read more.

We value peace more after a war. We value healthy living more after a health crisis. We learn to care for each other more after an enormous amount of loss. We lead better. We live better, more.

It's like what Kelly Clarkson said in her song "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," and we will be stronger.

Well if you don't get strong, you die - that simple. I vote for strong! 🙋

So don't worry about the "new normal" - it's only just a leaf in autumn passing by with the wind.