Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Tree with Clocks on it

Time goes by so fast!

This amazing tree should be a symbol of everything warm and cheerful. Like hot coco, ham and keso de bola.

It's easier for kids to realize that but when you get older, it gets a lot harder.

It becomes an entirely different thing - a reminder of some sort. A refuge to some and to others a pain.

So the old clocks on this tree (however unintentional) is a perfect symbolism of a grown-up Christmas.

The magic is still there - but you just have to see beyond all the clocks to find it.

I Am a Shikamaru

I wish that I could be more like NARUTO but deep inside I am a SHIKAMARU.

Regarded as the laziest Shinobi of the batch - Shikamaru Nara whose main Jutsu is shadow manipulation, is also one of the most intelligent. His rare insight will always land him to leadership positions though he couldn't care less about ranks or positions.

When situation gets a little too confusing and "troublesome" he retreats. Like he said in one of the episodes - "It's not that I am Lazy, it's just that I don't care."

However, when genuinely needed - Shikamaru is always the most reliable person to get any job done.  

Here are some more quotes from this shinobi that I can very much relate to:
"Sometimes I wish I was a cloud... Just floating along, going wherever the breeze takes me."

"I could say I'm not sad, but I'd be lying. The problem is the world won't let me stay a kid forever, so I can't lie around crying about it either."

"Regardless of our limitations, we can always be of some use. Our power may seem insignificant... but it may just prove to be useful in the grand scheme of things."

"It's stupid to talk about things you're not. Be yourself and you'll be fine."

“Laziness is the mother of all bad habits, but ultimately she is a mother and we should respect her.” 🀣

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ano Gagawin N'yo Pag Nanalo Kayo Ng 700M sa 6/58 Lotto?


Simple lang ang isasagot ko - I AM GOING TO BUY SOME TIME!


And it is also the BEST investment that you can ever have! Better than Gold, Oil or a piece of land. You can have all the money in the world but when you fail to invest on TIME - all that money will be worth NOTHING.

Let's look at it this way:

When a company hires someone they usually look for people with a certain set of skills and qualities that they need in their organization. But whether the candidate are for top management position or rank & File, what they'll pay you for is YOUR TIME. In that aspect EMPLOYEES ARE ALL EQUAL the only difference is the value of your TIME.

You wanna know the real key to the success of people who have gotten rich in their chosen industries? It's TIME! They have lots of it. They are able to multiply themselves to people and things. More TIME means more opportunities to do whatever they need to earn more.  

On the employees end, if you apply for a job, more than your skills and charming personality, what you are actually offering employers are of course YOUR TIME. By investing TIME to learn more and be more, you increase the value of your TIME and as a natural consequence you earn more money or admiration - whichever is more important to you. 

Every single day, we trade or barter TIME. The crazy thing about this commodity is that its VALUE is dependent on whoever has it. You're the one who adds VALUE onto it. 

The sad part is that it's limited and once TIME is gone - it's gone forever. That's why wise people focuses more on the quality of time that they have rather than how much TIME they have.

However, more TIME will not guarantee you a happy life. You'll need to find out for yourself what matters most and invest more time on that. Sometimes we use time unwisely and that could be even worst than having no time at all. 

Now when I said buying some time - I am actually saying that I am literally going to use money to buy more TIME. How?

I am going to use the money that I won in the lotto (which is by the way less than 700M because of the tax) and invest it on businesses - I am going to buy people's time to help me make my investments grow.  

First task is to multiply myself in competent people - grow more hands and feet.

Currently, I am only using 2 hands, 2 feet and most of my TIME working just to earn a living instead of spending it with my wife and two kids. With the businesses in place, I am confident that i'll be able to have more of my own TIME.

Because I believe that more than money and all the material things this world can offer, TIME is the best thing that we can give to all the people that we love.      

Friday, September 21, 2018


Ang mamatay nang dahil sa 'yo.

Ang totoo ay di ko PA kayang kantahin ito nang may buong paninindigan. Kaya naman lubos ang aking paghanga sa milyon-milyong Pilipino na pinapakita ang kanilang TAPANG at MALASAKIT para sa bayan sa pamamagitan ng FB at TWITTER. 

Ipagdarasal ko po ang inyong matagumpay na pag JETSKI papuntang Spratly habang bitbit ang ating bandila.

Kelan po ba ang schedule?


SEN. SOTTO proposed the changing of a line in the National Anthem. After receiving a lot of NEGATIVE feedbacks from netizens - the senator is said to have abandoned the idea.

LABAN! LABAN! BAWI! BAWI! Get Get Awwwwww!


May ilang netizen ang pumayag na baguhin ang last line ng Lupang Hinirang pero eto ang kanilang mungkahing ipalit, Imbes na "Ang mamatay nang dahil sa 'yo" ay:

"May nagpakamatay nang dahil sa yo"

At tumigil ang pag-ikot ng mundo.


Ang daming nagsasabi na gumanda ang buhay sa Pilipinas no'ng panahon ng Martial Law. 80% nung mga nagsabi ay di inabot ang panahon ng Martial Law. Yun natitirang 20% ay mga kamag-anak ng mga cronies o wala sa Pilipinas ng mga panahon na yun. :)


Sabi ni Enrile wala daw napatay o nakulong noong panahon ng Martial Law. "Name me one person who was arrested simply because they criticized President Marcos, " Enrile said.

At sumagot ang mga kamag-anak ng mga biktima at ilan sa mga biktima sa pamamagitan ng PUTANG INA! :)

Teka ilan taon na ba si Enrile - mag 100 na ata si Tatang di ba? Baka nag-uulianin na! Si Enrile ang Arkitekto ng Martial Law - wala pong arkitekto na magsasabi na ang dahilan kung bakit gumuho ang gusali ay dahil pangit ang pagkaka-desenyo nya.


Napakarami namang PROPAGANDA sa Pilipinas ngayon. Hindi na lang kasi tugunan ang mga problema ng maayos kailangan pa talagang mamulitika muna?

Amoy na Amoy ko na ang ELEKSYON!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kids Drag Old Man Out of Jeepney in Manila - What's The Real Story?

THERE'S this story (and video) that went viral a couple of days ago but I think there's more to it than what it appears to be.

And I've seen posts condemning these kids like they were criminals which in my opinion is NOT CORRECT.

They need to be rehabilitated and put in an environment where they are loved, cared for and formed to become responsible citizens of this country. They are not garbage, they're human beings who never had those basic rights!

Let's put aside emotions and examine the video more closely:

Walang tsinelas si manong so he looks like a street dweller as well and the street kids all knew him because there are other passengers inside but he was singled out.

Plus the target was that thing the old man was holding. Maybe it's food or money, we may not know.

I didn't see any physical attempt to hurt the man. They were after that bag, the Manong didn't let go.

So there's a story behind this we don't know about. Most of the time, things posted on social media are just the TIP of the iceberg. WAG po tayo masyadong TRIGGER-HAPPY and like what a friend once told me - unless you know the REAL or WHOLE STORY never ever make your judgment especially when lives are at stake.

Bottomline is, maraming street dwellers pa rin sa Manila - let's ask our elected officials WHY?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Minsan Kailangan Mo Mapahiya Para Matuto Ka

May GOODNEWS para sa driver ng nasakyan kong jeepney kanina.


Nakasakay na ba kayo ng jeep na yun driver ay may napakaraming RUDE side comments sa mga pasahero - di sumakay at sumakay? Well, yun yong nasakyan ko kanina.

So si manong mema at napaka negative ng aura. Nakaka-stress talaga.

Sa may bandang Immaculate Conception sa Cubao, may pumara na babae. Pero bago sumakay, nagtanong muna sa driver.

"Cubao po, manong?"

"Oo, Arayat, palengke," sagot ng driver na may halong sungit.

Habang sumasakay ang babae, as expected, may pa side comment na naman yun driver.

"Cubao na nga to e, tinatanong pa."

E narinig nung babaeng pasahero, so sinagot n'ya yun driver habang papaupo.

"Sorry ho, di ko nga ho alam e kaya nga ko nagtanong sa inyo e."

Ramdam na Ramdam ko ang HIYA mula sa driver's seat. Kulang na lang e sumigaw ako ng BOOM at BUSTED!

Well to cut the long story (and trip) short, TAHIMIK na si manong driver the whole trip at may libre pang pa-announce kung nasaang kanto na yun jeep.

WE all need to LEARN from events like these so that just like Manong Driver, we could be reminded to always be kind and to strive to become a better person everyday.

That's the reason why I am sharing this.

Minsan Kailangan Mo Mapahiya Para Matuto Ka

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


MINSAN mabilis talaga ang Karma (or whatever you call it) sa mga gago sa kalsada.

A few minutes ago, habang naglalakad ako sa Gen. Luna pauwi ng Paco may humaharurot na motorsiklo na pumina sa kin sabay sigaw nung driver sa tenga ko ng "HOY" na parang nag-titrip. Feeling nya e magugulat nya ko, kaso lobat na ko so di na rin nagana adrenaline ko kaya dedma lang.

So dere-derecho sya at may palingon pa na nalalaman e INTERSECTION yun ng San Marcelino at Faura, ayun may SUV na galing sa kaliwa at nasalpok sya AS IN tumilapon sya sa bike nya.

Buhay pa naman sya, i ika-ika mag lakad. Tahimik sya kasi alam nya na siya ang may kasalanan. Natawa rin ako ng slight and balak ko sana kunan ng photo kaso wag na, di pati maganda camera ko sa low light. πŸ˜€

So, sa mga ma-angas dyan sa sasakyan - Drive Responsibly lang naman at wag pasaway.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

WOW! Two Days in a Row - I Just Won a 32" Samsung HDTV

This is an early birthday gift! And the kiddos are really very happy! Thank you God! πŸ™πŸ˜˜

Our old TV broke down a couple of months ago and we've decided to not buy a new one yet to prioritize school and other expenses. And also since they're already used to watching stuff on the laptop and their mobile devices. But of course we still prefer watching movies and shows on a much bigger screen.

Earlier during the media event of Old Spice X Ducati Spice Up Your Ride Raffle Promo, I won a 32" Samsung HDTV.

I was so stoked! Why? Because I rarely win anything during events and I already got two appliance on my wish list granted two days in a row.

Thank you Old Spice! And thank you ComCo Southeast Asia team for inviting me to the event!

Now let's see if I could win that Ducati Super Sport as well! 😊 Details of the promo UP NEXT on my main blog

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I Won a Blender at the OMNI Channel Marketing Forum

OMNI Channel Marketing Forum at Crowne Plaza just happened.

I was able to meet the people behind two of the brands that they're handling right now - GadFetcher (a pop-up mobile phone, accessory, and repair services) and CEITEX 2018 or the Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Expo which is envisioned by the founders to become the Philippines' version of the CES.

Also I won a blender in the raffle - which by the way, rarely happens. So it must be my extra super lucky day! πŸ‘

MORE details about the brands and events NEXT on

Monday, August 27, 2018


I am loving the new GRID view of Facebook Timeline which makes it faster to skim on previous posts.

Para syang IG with three columns that shows a thumbnail of posted photos and a summary of the texts you posted as well as the number of πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜²πŸ˜ 

Most eventful this month of August so far is probably my rainy day visit to Pampanga courtesy of NorthPine Land, Inc who sponsored the whole trip for select bloggers.

Here are also some of the events that I've attended this Month:

MIYU Anniversary at the Amway Office in Makati
Krissha Viaje Interview for I Can Sing in Japanese at Zipang, Sgt.Esguerra
Ticket2Me Launch at Sentro 1771, Capitol Commons
International Silent Film Festival Launch at Amici, SM Megamall
Kris Bernal for House of Gogi at D. Tuazon 
Taiwan Excellence Expo at SMX Pasay and Paradise Dynasty S'maison
iAcademy Nexus Makati Open House
Pamora Farm Free Range Chicken Food Tasting at the Peninsula Manila
The Perla Fashion Show at The Block, SM North

I've watched 5 movies on the big screen in the past weeks:

Mission Impossible: Fallout
Christopher Robin
The Meg
Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi

And downloaded a couple of new movies to watch on the TV:

Highschool Musical 1
Highschool Musical 2
Strange Magic
Deadpool 2
Avengers Infinity War
Down A Dark Hall

Posted all my movie reviews and experiences on my main blog, go check it out at

So that's basically the summary of things - medyo nakakapagod din ang style na to. I think it would be best to just push myself to do a quick daily post on the blog. Di lang talaga ko sanay mag blog using my phone. 

It takes a lot of getting used to, so I better start now.

Also some good news, my eldest Neo's scholarship is already approved at the DLSU College of Saint Benilde and will be taking Bachelor of Arts in Animation. 

Healthwise, I think I'm still pretty good. Wala naman major GERD and Vertigo attacks this year although it's strange that in the past weeks I've been experiencing this sharp pain at the side of my lower chest mostly on the left side. Don't know if it has something to do with my occasional workouts or a side effect of the new Natural Brain Booster food supplement I'm taking - but I doubt that it's that.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

So Aprub Ka Sa Ginawa Ng Gilas - Nationalistic Ka Na?

Minsan lang talaga ay sumusobrang KITID na!

Huwag po natin lagyan ng kulay ng politics ang lahat ng ating makikita - so, kung kinampihan mo ang mga players natin sa Gilas sa nangyaring gulo laban sa Boomers, feeling mo e NATIONALISTIC ka na?

And if you condemned the act e parang napaka-UNPATRIOTIC ka na? Wag naman maging BOBO.

SPORTS po ang BASKETBALL at hindi Gyera! Kung gusto n'yo magpaka-PATRIOTIC umpisahan n'yo sa pagpuna sa ginagawa ng China sa teritoryo ng Pilipinas. Ngayon kung wala kayong balls to do that - SHUT UP na lang.

Una, lahat po ng mga manlalaro sa FIBA ay may mga sinumpaan na OATH of SPORTSMANSHIP. Kahit po mga sportsfest ng baranggay may mga ganyan. Although, it's not uncommon na may mga gulo o away na mangyayari -that oath makes sure that whatever happens, the committee will not tolerate it specially inside the court no matter what the reason is.

Ngayon ang problema sa statement ni Terrence Romeo sa Twitter is that instead of admitting to the mistakes and apologize for what happened - is that he took his anger to the people who condemned the act and indirectly called them as being unpatriotic.

Pisikal na laro ang basketball, alam ng lahat ng manlalaro na may tirahan talaga na nangyayari sa loob ng court, pag nakita ni Ref syempre FOUL pag hindi e di swerte mo. Psychological din ang laban, trash talking is also common to bring a player out of his game - that's why aside from training physically, a player should also be mentally ready for everything. "Get your head in the game" sabi nga sa Highschool Musical.

Kahit saan pong anggulo tignan, mali po yun nangyari and BOTH side (Australia and Philippines) should apologize for it! Because it violates the Oath of Sportsmanship.

Ngayon, meron din naman iba na ang sisi ay binigay lahat sa Pilipinas - MALI din yun! Kahit sino pa ang nagsimula, pero kung pumatol ka at tinuloy ang gulo - meron ka pa ring pananagutan. Ganun ka STRICT ang oath na yan lalo na sa National or International level.

Hindi po pinag-uusapan dito ang kulay ng balat o kung sino ang nagsimula ng gulo. Ang problema ay nagkaroon ng gulo at eto ay dapat i CONDEMN ng lahat ng nagmamahal sa sport na eto.

Kung gulo at bakbakan ang gusto n'yo - maling sport ang pinapanood n'yo, mag boxing at wrestling na lang po kayo.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Souvenirs From My Recent Events

ONE of the best part of attending blogging events is that you get souvenirs. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

While I don't attend events for that sake, having something worthwhile from a certain occasion is a great way to help me remember what happened especially now that my memory is not as sharp as it used to.

Here are some of the things that I have recently posted on my IG account:

A post shared by rainCHECK⚡ (@raincheckblog) on

I got this one when I attended the grand media launch of Feng Shui Queen Marites Allen's Feng Shui App.

I got this wrist band from the advance screening of Deadpool 2 at SM Aura Premier.

This Samsonite Travel Luggage was a freebie during the launch of the Acer Philippines and Samsonite Back To School promo.

A post shared by rainCHECK⚡ (@raincheckblog) on

This cool movie ticket from when Jeman invited me to watch the advance special Ayala Malls screening of Solo - A Star Wars Story at Glorietta.

A post shared by IπŸ’œrain (@writtenbyraindrops) on

This sweet BMW from the Shell Helix Ultra event in Makati.

A post shared by IπŸ’œrain (@writtenbyraindrops) on

And these souvenirs from the BUM X PEPSI Collection launch and fashion show event in Trinoma.

I know that I would be letting go of these stuff eventually some time in the future and so I take photos to help me remember that I once had these and have been a part of the event from where I got it from.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Synopsis of the First Four Months of my 2018

OKAY so as I predicted, and due to the heavy blogging requirements for rainCHECK, my YouTube channel and as well as my other work-related activities, I wasn't able to update this blog as much as I wanted to.

I actually wanted to turn this blog into some kind of a journal this year and so far, I only have 5 entries and 4 Months have already passed. So yeah, this blog is really in a bad state - but hey, I am here wide awake at 2:30 in the early morning ready to work something out.

For starters, let me give you a rundown of ALL the many reasons why I kinda lost the time and the energy to make a regular update for this site.


  • Feng Shui Convention with Ms. Marites Allen (Jan 6)
  • The Ark Launch (Jan 10)
  • Mama's Girl Blogcon (Jan 13)
  • One Up Blogcon (Jan 23)
  • Sherlock Jr Blogcon (Jan 26)
  • Kuh Ledesma Concert Launch (Jan 29)
  • Love SM Event (Feb 1)
  • Malou Del Castillo Interview (Feb 2)
  • Perk Comm Dinner (Feb 2)
  • Helo Watch Media Conference (Feb 3)
  • Karylle Blogcon (Feb 5)
  • Moonstar88 Album Launch (Feb 6)
  • The Stepdaughters Preview (Feb 8)
  • My Fairytail Love Story Blogcon (Feb 8)
  • Greenwich Event (Feb 9)
  • 1108 Barbershop Review (Feb 11)
  • Kinky Boots Presscon (Feb 12)
  • Black Panther Screening (Feb 13)
  • Migo X Kristoffer Blogcon (Feb 15)
  • Island Cove (Feb 19)
  • Minola Event (Feb 24)
  • Country Bankers Blogcon (Feb 27)
  • Elements Launch (Mar 3)
  • GMA ONE Event (Mar 6)
  • Moneygram Event (Mar 7)
  • Tagaytay Highlands (Mar 8)
  • Contessa Blogcon (Mar 9)
  • Russel Peters Show (Mar 10)
  • Snowbing Review (Mar 12)
  • Kwikset Event (Mar 15)
  • Cine Turismo Launch (Mar 15)
  • Rocco Nacino Birthday Event(Mar 17)
  • Tefal Evet (Mar 17)
  • BFF Movement Launch (Mar 21)
  • Ginebra Ako Jersey Launch (Mar 21)
  • Tulip Water Filter Presscon (Mar 22)
  • FWD Send Off (Mar 22)
  • Earth Hour Event (Mar 24)
  • Wishcovery Grandfinals Event (Mar 27)
  • Kevler Blogcon (Apr 5)
  • Bake Cheese Tart Review (Apr 5)
  • Avengers Hall Event (Apr 6)
  • Buhay Kareneria Launch (Apr 11)
  • Diana Stalder Event (Apr 12)
  • Avengers Assemble Event (Apr 15)
  • Dr. Larry Leaney Conference(Apr 18)
  • Pacquiao-Matthysse Presscon (Apr 18)
  • Viva Europa Presscon (Apr 19)
  • Gringo Greenhills Launch (Apr 20)
  • Vivo Kathniel Event (Apr 21)
  • FWD Special Olympics Event (Apr 23)
  • HK Shanghai Event (Apr 24)
  • Train Station Screening(Apr 24)
  • We Sell Launch (Apr 25)
  • Hype Launch (Apr 26)
  • My Guitar Princess Blogcon (Apr 26)
  • Shell Event (May 2)
  • DeRUCCI - Kim Chiu Launch (May 4)
  • My 2 Mommies Blogcon (May 4)
  • Maricar Riesgo Album Launch (May 5)
  • Vivo Hoop Battle Championship (May 8)
Those are just some of the blogging-related events that kept me busy during the first four months of 2018. There are more stories to tell behind all my usual post-event blog articles on rainCHECK but I just couldn't find the time to write about it here.

Well, I'll just have to keep on trying.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Relic of St. Therese of the Child Jesus in Manila

Last Month from February 18 to 22, the pilgrim relics of St. Therese of the Child Jesus has visited the Archdiocese of Manila as part of the 4th Philippine Pilgrimage itinerary scheduled from January 13 to May 31. 

Also known as St. Therese of Lisieux was a French Catholic Discalced Carmelite nun regarded as one of the greatest saints of modern times and revered for the simplicity and practicality of her approach to spiritual life.

Born as Marie Francoise-Therese Martin on January 2, 1873, she entered religious life at an early age of 15. She died of tuberculosis at the age of 24 on September 30, 1897.

She was canonized to sainthood by Pope Pius XI on May 17, 1925 with a feast day scheduled every 1st of October. She is the patron saint of aviators, florists, missions and illnesses. 

The relics of St. Therese which also includes her religious habit, rosary and other items has been on an international pilgrimage since 1994. Here in the Philippines, the relic first arrived in 2000. The relic visited again in 2008 and then in 2012.

Here are some of the churches here in the Philippines named after St.Therese:

  • Diocesan Shrine and Parish of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Antipolo
  • Shrine of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Newport City
  • St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish, Lipa
  • St. Therese Church, Cebu
  • Diocesan Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Los Banos
  • Carmel of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Gilmore
In the Archdiocese of Manila, the relic visited the following places:
  • Our Lady of Penafrancia Parish (Feb 18)
  • San Fernando De Dilao Parish (Feb 18)
  • Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Feb 18-19)
  • San Lazaro Hospital (Feb 19)
  • National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels (Feb 19-20)
  • Santa Teresita Parish (Feb 20-21)
  • Lay Formation Center (Feb 21)
  • Santo Nino De Paz Chapel (Feb 21-22)
As of writing this post, the relic is now visiting the towns of Gumaca, Quezon.

I was able to see the relic during its scheduled visit last February 18 at San Fernando De Dilao Parish in Paco, Manila. Here are some of the photos I've taken during the event:

"I will spend my heaven doing good on earth." - St. Therese of the Child Jesus


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Paco Catholic School Meningococcemia Scare

My daughter SKY is a Grade 8 student at Paco Catholic School in Manila and today (Tuesday) is their first day of school this week because classes were suspended yesterday for an annual activity of the school personnel.

However, out of the more than 40 students in their section only a handful went to class today - 14 to be exact. In fact, a great majority of the students were absent because of a meningococcemia scare.

According to reports, a Grade 3 pupil of Paco Catholic School (PCS) died shortly after being brought to the hospital last Saturday due to right leg pain. 

Meanwhile, a doctor working in the hospital where the student was admitted warned a relative who has a child studying in PCS that the cause of death was meningococcemia and advised them not to send their child to PCS for a week. This quickly spread like wild fire and created a scare all over the school.

The school got confirmation on Sunday night that the cause of death was indeed meningococcemia and Department of Health representatives have assessed the situation on ground immediately the following day. The school administration in a text message sent to their students' parents advised them to remain calm and that the situation has already been addressed.  

But a number of fake news also circulated in various social media channels saying that other students have also been infected which naturally escalated the issue and increased the tension between the parents and the school's administration who earlier announced that they are not cancelling classes and that it is already safe for them to send their children back to school on Tuesday (that's today).   

What is Meningococcemia?

Meningococcemia is an infection caused by the N. Meningitidis bacteria. When the bacteria infect the membranes that cover your brain and spinal cord, the disease is called meningitis but when the infection remains in your blood but doesn’t infect your brain or spinal cord, it’s called meningococcemia.

Signs & Symptoms

  • fever
  • headache
  • rash consisting of small spots
  • nausea
  • irritability
  • anxiety

More serious symptoms includes: patches of bleeding, lethargy and shock.


N. Meningitidis can live harmlessly in your upper respiratory tract. Simply being exposed to this germ is not enough to cause this disease. Many carry these bacteria, but not all of these people become sick.

An infected person can spread these bacteria through coughing and sneezing.


Must be treated immediately to avoid complications and bleeding disorders. Patients are given antibiotic intravenously to help fight the infection.

So the school didn't suspend the class today but they also arranged a meeting between the members of the PCS Parent Coordinating Body and Dr. Eduardo J. Serrano to explain the situation and answer all their questions.

I gathered that the meeting went well. The main focus of the school right now is to clear all the classmates of the poor child who died of meningococcemia by giving them prophylaxis.

Now if you ask me why I still allowed Sky to go to school even if there's a meningococcemia scare happening, here's my answer:

  1. Well I asked Sky first if their classroom is anywhere near the elementary sections, and she said that it was in another building. So technically they're out of the danger zone.
  2. The school with the blessing of DOH already declared that the school is safe. My decision is based on the confidence that the 105 year-old Catholic educational institution will not jeopardize the good reputation of the school by putting their students in harm's way.
However, we did ask her to take all the necessary precautions. Mask, alcohol and packed lunch just like what the school recommended.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


While it seems that being a YouTube creator is more rewarding than old school blogging, I still prefer the latter when sharing MY own personal stories.

I tend to express myself more freely through written words and photos rather than in front of a camera. And while I am far from being a master of written works, it is still my comfort zone.

So my personal story is therefore better read than viewed. However, my YouTube channel is close to 7K subs already (all organic BTW) so if you want to get a glimpse of where I've been and listen to the cool people that I've talked with, then CLICK HERE

Compared to last year, I didn't get a lot of event invites this January and that's a good thing because I do "choose my battles" now - so to speak. And out of the 12 invites that I got, I was only able to go to 6.

Anyway, yesterday I did go to the "Love Matters" valentine concert media conference held at Japan Town in Ayala Malls Vertis North. The concert will feature Kuh Ledesma, Isabella, Kris Lawrence and Gabbi Concepcion. 

FULL STORY will be on

Now, Japan Town is the mall's newest block that houses everything Japanese - from restaurant to retail shops. It's located at the 4th Floor near the Cinemas. According to Ms.Gail Santos, Entertainment Business Marketing of Ayala Land Malls, Ayala Malls Vertis North will also be launching a Korean Town block at the 3rd level of the facility.
I also got a chance to interview blogger FPJ (Florencio Jusay Jr) of Manual To Lyf for my YouTube channel's #EatPrayBlog segment, so that's coming up next.

My quest for a suitable mini tripod for my Lumix remains to be in vain. But I have a good feeling that I'll be able to find the right one before the end of this week.

Last night was Tortilla Chips night at home. We also binge-watched (again) Gravity Falls, we're now in the middle of the second season.

Tomorrow will be my daughter's 13th birthday, we bought her favorite Chocolate Mousse Cake from Conti's and she's treating her friends in school tomorrow to a Jollibee afternoon snack.

I bought her a "Harry Potter" Hufflepuff scarf and deathly hallows pendant. She's a potterhead and her adopted house is Hufflepuff. I am Gryffindor. :)   

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Matrix is Now

The WACHOWSKIS were prophetic in writing the story for "The Matrix" - the 1999 blockbuster film that spawned two more sequels and starred Keanu Reeves in the iconic character of Neo - "The One".

Five years after making the film, Facebook made its debut in cyberspace and everything as they say is all history.

"The Matrix" which talks about the concept of an alternate reality is pretty much what we're experiencing on the internet right now. Probably, in its most primitive phase, being online is already like entering into the virtual universe of the so-called "Matrix".

Social media and social networking sites, to many people around the globe, has already been their reality - from superstar celebrities to the ordinary teens - sites like Facebook and Instagram has become a way of life, a gauge by which they base their success, failures, values, hopes, happiness and dreams.

It is to most an escape from reality and to some a prison. It feeds on people and transforms them into human batteries - the same with what happened in the film. The only difference is that we don't need to be physically plugged in to the system to experience alternate reality - all we need is an internet connection and a PC, Tablet or a Phone, and we're there.

Now the dilemma in the movie is also the same with what's happening today - people need to ask themselves, WHICH IS MY REALITY? 

  • Is my sense of worth determined only by the number of likes, hearts, follows and subscribers that I get from my pages?
  • Is my environment limited only by what is most often shared and viewed on social media?
  • Do I really have "real" friends or just a lot of trigger-happy social media active acquaintances that are hoping and expecting for me to reciprocate their virtual hugs?
  • Are we the real masters of this alternate reality that we made for ourselves or are we just slaves forced to make love with our gadgets every single day?

In this day of age, it is so hard to determine what FREEDOM really is, and the cost we have to pay to have it. Are we really free? 

I may be doing a little bit of a Morpheus in writing this post, but it is what it is. So to end, please allow me to share a conversation between Morpheus and Neo in the film:

Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Ground Rules For Blogging in 2018

I have started the new year by setting some very important ground rules on blogging.

At present, I have three active blogs and a YouTube channel that I try to update on a regular basis. While I still like to think that blogging is just a sort of a "hobby" for me but I must also admit that managing these blogs has become more demanding and challenging than all my other day-to-day livelihood activities.

It has cost me more time, talent and treasures than I could bargain for.

That is why I have decided to take matters more seriously by setting some ground rules that will at least present a Win-Win situation for myself as a blogger and all the other parties involved (Brands, PR groups, blogger friends, etc.).

This is my main blog and it features basically events, reviews, sponsored articles and advertorials with special focus on people, places and brands. What it will NOT feature from now on are releases that are not sponsored.

All articles are cross-posted on my social media sites FB, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and sometimes on IG.

Speaking of media releases, I get dozens of them on email every single day. Now for this year, I decided to maximize my page's FB Note by featuring all the news-worthy releases that I get via email. 

I can no longer accommodate unsponsored releases on the blog and I thought that this could be an alternative so I can still share brand news to my readers and make my PR friends happy. But I still don't post everything sent via email - like I said, only news-worthy articles will get published. :)

Now my YouTube channel which is currently at 4.9M views with 6,581 subscribers is an extension of my rainCHECK blog. It features events, celebrity interviews and live musical performances. 

For this year, I promised my audience with more Vlog features and will focus more on featuring other bloggers on the channel via "Eat, Pray, Blog" and other surprises. 

Written By Raindrops (

This blog you're reading now is my personal page made public. It contains thoughts and my non-event or non-brand related experiences. It was supposed to be like a journal but I just wasn't able to update it as much as I would want to.

Hopefully this will be the start.

MLTB on the other hand is the side of me that is the leadership coach, trainer and facilitator. It presents life, leadership and management lessons that I have come across and at one point have shared to kids and adults during one of the trainings that I have personally facilitated.   

If plans pushes through, this will also be the side that will have a special Vlog section on my YouTube channel this year. 

Keeping my fingers crossed but my heart wide open! :)