It's everything you'd expect in a Ghostbusters movie and more, because the family is now bigger. The Spenglers took over the ghostbusting business together with Gary Grooverson (Paul Rudd), Phoebe's (Mckenna Grace)  Professor from the last Ghostbusters movie and his new dad. The new film also brought back all the main cast of Afterlife plus and the remaining members of the original Ghostbusters from the 80s. And oh, big spoiler - Walter Peck (William Atherton) from Ghostbusters 1 is now the mayor of New York City. 

Anyway, humor and action are all in the right places. Fans of the 80s film will love how they've incorporated once again some of the elements that defined the original film like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Men, Slimer, the old firehouse, the ghost librarian, and even the possessed stone statues. 

The biggest let down for me here however is Garraka, who is supposed to be their biggest adversary - a formidable interdimensional being who can control other ghosts and have the power of the so-called death chill. All that power and he's just stupid. The build-up was so good, until his resurrection and then, instead of unleashing havoc and fulfilling destiny, he decided to just look for the one who has imprisoned him inside the orb. And without really using his powers, he went on to face the Ghostbusters. And then, he's trapped! Story over! He was just too easy! That freaky dude in the SNL Ghostbusters version of 2016 was 10x more sinister and he's just an ordinary ghost. 

But hey, for a Ghostbusters fan like myself, I guess that's just a small hiccup. What's great is that they made a sequel that's not a total bust - and that's already enough, I guess. I love the 2016 version by the way, even if many fans didn't really liked it because it's a deviation. That film is the funniest, like a full length gag. I hope Columbia Pictures makes a live action version of the 90s "Extreme Ghostbusters" too.

3.5/5 👻