Ground Rules For Blogging in 2018

I have started the new year by setting some very important ground rules on blogging.

At present, I have three active blogs and a YouTube channel that I try to update on a regular basis. While I still like to think that blogging is just a sort of a "hobby" for me but I must also admit that managing these blogs has become more demanding and challenging than all my other day-to-day livelihood activities.

It has cost me more time, talent and treasures than I could bargain for.

That is why I have decided to take matters more seriously by setting some ground rules that will at least present a Win-Win situation for myself as a blogger and all the other parties involved (Brands, PR groups, blogger friends, etc.).

This is my main blog and it features basically events, reviews, sponsored articles and advertorials with special focus on people, places and brands. What it will NOT feature from now on are releases that are not sponsored.

All articles are cross-posted on my social media sites FB, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and sometimes on IG.

Speaking of media releases, I get dozens of them on email every single day. Now for this year, I decided to maximize my page's FB Note by featuring all the news-worthy releases that I get via email. 

I can no longer accommodate unsponsored releases on the blog and I thought that this could be an alternative so I can still share brand news to my readers and make my PR friends happy. But I still don't post everything sent via email - like I said, only news-worthy articles will get published. :)

Now my YouTube channel which is currently at 4.9M views with 6,581 subscribers is an extension of my rainCHECK blog. It features events, celebrity interviews and live musical performances. 

For this year, I promised my audience with more Vlog features and will focus more on featuring other bloggers on the channel via "Eat, Pray, Blog" and other surprises. 

Written By Raindrops (

This blog you're reading now is my personal page made public. It contains thoughts and my non-event or non-brand related experiences. It was supposed to be like a journal but I just wasn't able to update it as much as I would want to.

Hopefully this will be the start.

MLTB on the other hand is the side of me that is the leadership coach, trainer and facilitator. It presents life, leadership and management lessons that I have come across and at one point have shared to kids and adults during one of the trainings that I have personally facilitated.   

If plans pushes through, this will also be the side that will have a special Vlog section on my YouTube channel this year. 

Keeping my fingers crossed but my heart wide open! :)