Monday, November 30, 2015

CHRISTMAS IS COMING a Poem by Kirsten Sky

My daughter just finished writing her first poem about Christmas!

I love poetry and I'd like to share to you what she wrote, not because she's my daughter but because it is a very lovely and beautifully written poem.

The title of the poem is "Christmas Is Coming" - I copied the poem here without changing anything (no I did not edit or proofread her work). She wrote it in less than an hour while watching some Mine Craft show on YouTube.

My kids amazes me all the time!

by Kirsten Sky, 11 years old

If you ask me what Christmas means,
It is more than I have ever dreamed.
It spreads around to different countries and places,
and it brings joy and happiness to people's faces.

Christmas means getting together with your family,
it means enjoying with other people not just you and not just me.
It means giving to other family members,
when kids and adults will always remember.

It is when a very special man visits everywhere,
who has a very red suit and long white hair.
A man named Santa who give gifts to everyone,
he travels around the world until the job is done.

The meaning of Christmas is when a child was born,
a child named Jesus is truly formed.
We now celebrate his birthday on December twenty-five,
when Jesus was now part of our lives.

That is what Christmas means,
and it is more than I have ever dreamed.
So please do not worry, Christmas isn't a fright,
and I say to you all have a good night!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


There are places and certain situations in our lives where we find something which are almost MAGICAL. SPIRITUAL. UNEXPLAINABLE.

Ordinary experiences but with extraordinary meanings. A place where we almost feel like finding GOD, or should I say, where GOD finds us.

I have always thought of myself as becoming a little more of a cynic than religious these past years.


Maybe it’s because of the things I’ve seen and the people that I’ve met. The Philosophies of the modern world. The despair of the adult world.

But it was not always that way.

A Mentor.

When I was with the Knights of the Altar, I met this person who inspired me to be good. He introduced me to GOD for the very first time.

He inspired me to be CHRIST-like in words and in action. He taught me how to become a good follower, to be loyal and to be faithful. And that completely changed my life forever in every aspect.

His name was Bro. Dennis Paez, SDB (now a Bosconian priest)

A Mission.

I joined the Catholic Youth Organization in the Philippines (CYOP) National Secretariat Office as a Program Officer way back in 1996.

I am really not so sure about the job that was offered to me and if I will be effective in doing it but I applied anyway even if I am still connected to another company. I got hired and then left my previous job to do something that I don't know and earn a salary that is way below what my previous employer was paying me.

That is actually the mystery in that experience.

But as it turns out, the CYO job will bring me more than just a pay slip.

It gave me a backbone. A direction. A purpose in life.

My work allowed me to discover my passion and the special gifts that I possess. GOD-Given and meant to be shared. And that made the job even more fulfilling and my life worth living.

A Mother.

The Our Mother of Perpetual Help National Shrine in Baclaran is a very special place for me.

A mixture of chaos and tranquility. Of peace and contests. Of old traditions and technology.

A place of extremes. But it is a place where I have found peace.

I have worked there for some time as a multi-media staff. And before that I have been designing modules and multi-media presentations for the Shrine Team on a project basis.

I don’t really know why, but somehow, I will never forget my experiences there and the people that I’ve come to know.

The people there are different. And heir works are genuinely motivated by faith.

I have found GOD in their faces especially with their rector at that time Fr. Joseph Echano, CSsR and in almost everyone.

I envy them right now.

It has always been my wish to let others see the face of GOD in mine.

But right now, I can’t even find my own.

But It was not always that way.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On The NAIA Tanim-Bala or Laglag Bala Incident

I agree with Roilo Golez.

This is with regards to his statement on his social media accounts about the alleged "Tanim-Bala" or "Laglag Bala" incident. Here's the full text:
"The solution to the "laglag bala" issue is quite simple. When a passenger is caught with one or two bullets, just confiscate and let the passenger go. No questions, no delay. Don't give the security personnel the power to decide. Just like what I have observed in other international airports abroad (San Francisco, DC), any prohibited article like liquids, small knives, are simply confiscated. I repeat: Don't give the security personnel the power to decide on minor stuff."
I have no way of knowing if there is really a syndicate inside NAIA that plants bullets on the bags of poor passengers, just to get some bribe money during interrogations.

But what is real is that the security procedures being  implemented now in airports are indeed very tempting and somewhat unreasonably rigid for a minor offense. 

Yes, it's for the safety of all passengers but we must also take into consideration - COMMON SENSE!

That's why I agree in what Mr. Golez said.

When security personnel have reason  to believe that you possess a bullet (one or two - not an entire magazine of course) in any of your belongings, here's what security personnel SHOULD do:
  1. Conduct a thorough search of all your belongings in the presence of witnesses.
  2. Conduct an interview, get your information, inspect your papers and do a background check.
  3. File a Report.
  4. Confiscate the Bullet/s.
  5. Let you go with a warning.
The ruling on the possession of 'a' bullet in NAIA is ridiculously unreasonable. Possession of firearms, drugs and drug paraphernalia is another matter.



Ilang linggo na akong walang REGULAR and STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION

Been relying heavily on smartphone prepaid data plans to go online kaso mahirap, kasi it's so unreliable and most of the time LIMITED access lang, kaya ayun, tambak ang mga post event RainCHECK blog articles ko.

A-NEY- WAAY... I'm connected now.

Having limited online access these past weeks however did have some positive effects.

For example, I was able to clean-up some parts of our unit, sort out my things and earn some money by selling my stuff through a rummage sale.

I was able to look at some old photos and all my different collections - coins, key chains and other memorabilia - and yes, I am sentimental like that.

I was able to JUST LISTEN to music, which I don't do much anymore.

I was able to sort my priorities once again and made some important realizations.

I was able to WATCH a movie or two - uninterruptedly.

It's like I am taking a break from WRITING STUFF. LIVING MORE but not as a self-appointed LIFE CHRONICLER.



But honestly, I just have to mention - internet connection here in the Philippines is not only very expensive but also unreliable! 

I hope I live to see the day where our government invests on the full scale development of our internet capacity.  WISHFUL THINKING - Sa AGRICULTURAL sector nga (which is our country's main industry) hindi ma-prioritize - ang INTERNET pa?

Oh Well!