On The NAIA Tanim-Bala or Laglag Bala Incident

I agree with Roilo Golez.

This is with regards to his statement on his social media accounts about the alleged "Tanim-Bala" or "Laglag Bala" incident. Here's the full text:
"The solution to the "laglag bala" issue is quite simple. When a passenger is caught with one or two bullets, just confiscate and let the passenger go. No questions, no delay. Don't give the security personnel the power to decide. Just like what I have observed in other international airports abroad (San Francisco, DC), any prohibited article like liquids, small knives, are simply confiscated. I repeat: Don't give the security personnel the power to decide on minor stuff."
I have no way of knowing if there is really a syndicate inside NAIA that plants bullets on the bags of poor passengers, just to get some bribe money during interrogations.

But what is real is that the security procedures being  implemented now in airports are indeed very tempting and somewhat unreasonably rigid for a minor offense. 

Yes, it's for the safety of all passengers but we must also take into consideration - COMMON SENSE!

That's why I agree in what Mr. Golez said.

When security personnel have reason  to believe that you possess a bullet (one or two - not an entire magazine of course) in any of your belongings, here's what security personnel SHOULD do:
  1. Conduct a thorough search of all your belongings in the presence of witnesses.
  2. Conduct an interview, get your information, inspect your papers and do a background check.
  3. File a Report.
  4. Confiscate the Bullet/s.
  5. Let you go with a warning.
The ruling on the possession of 'a' bullet in NAIA is ridiculously unreasonable. Possession of firearms, drugs and drug paraphernalia is another matter.