Ilang linggo na akong walang REGULAR and STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION

Been relying heavily on smartphone prepaid data plans to go online kaso mahirap, kasi it's so unreliable and most of the time LIMITED access lang, kaya ayun, tambak ang mga post event RainCHECK blog articles ko.

A-NEY- WAAY... I'm connected now.

Having limited online access these past weeks however did have some positive effects.

For example, I was able to clean-up some parts of our unit, sort out my things and earn some money by selling my stuff through a rummage sale.

I was able to look at some old photos and all my different collections - coins, key chains and other memorabilia - and yes, I am sentimental like that.

I was able to JUST LISTEN to music, which I don't do much anymore.

I was able to sort my priorities once again and made some important realizations.

I was able to WATCH a movie or two - uninterruptedly.

It's like I am taking a break from WRITING STUFF. LIVING MORE but not as a self-appointed LIFE CHRONICLER.



But honestly, I just have to mention - internet connection here in the Philippines is not only very expensive but also unreliable! 

I hope I live to see the day where our government invests on the full scale development of our internet capacity.  WISHFUL THINKING - Sa AGRICULTURAL sector nga (which is our country's main industry) hindi ma-prioritize - ang INTERNET pa?

Oh Well!