CHRISTMAS IS COMING a Poem by Kirsten Sky

My daughter just finished writing her first poem about Christmas!

I love poetry and I'd like to share to you what she wrote, not because she's my daughter but because it is a very lovely and beautifully written poem.

The title of the poem is "Christmas Is Coming" - I copied the poem here without changing anything (no I did not edit or proofread her work). She wrote it in less than an hour while watching some Mine Craft show on YouTube.

My kids amazes me all the time!

by Kirsten Sky, 11 years old

If you ask me what Christmas means,
It is more than I have ever dreamed.
It spreads around to different countries and places,
and it brings joy and happiness to people's faces.

Christmas means getting together with your family,
it means enjoying with other people not just you and not just me.
It means giving to other family members,
when kids and adults will always remember.

It is when a very special man visits everywhere,
who has a very red suit and long white hair.
A man named Santa who give gifts to everyone,
he travels around the world until the job is done.

The meaning of Christmas is when a child was born,
a child named Jesus is truly formed.
We now celebrate his birthday on December twenty-five,
when Jesus was now part of our lives.

That is what Christmas means,
and it is more than I have ever dreamed.
So please do not worry, Christmas isn't a fright,
and I say to you all have a good night!