Thursday, August 11, 2016


written May 2010

Here is a typical local job wanted advertisement box that you'll find on leading newspapers today and specially on Sundays:


Female Only

not more than 28 years old

with at least 1 year experience

What's my interpretation?

Female Only

Well, if you're a male you got no chance of getting a job there and believe me, majority of the ads that you'll find on newspapers these days prefers female workers than male for reasons that aren't so clear to me.

I'm going to generalize that this would mean that there are more job opportunities for female workers than for male these days. So probably, there will be even more 'tambays' in the Philippines.

Some people are quick to judge men of being just lazy but look at the present social structure that they are living in right now. I will bet my new pants that if you count and categorize workers today, a lot of companies will have more female office workers than males, and majority of the men are either drivers, maintenance people, messengers or security guards.

It's ironic though that MOST of the top management positions in many companies are still mostly given to male executives. And why is that? 

Not more than 28 years old

This could be the new standard age limit for most non-technical and semi-technical job opportunities which qualifies majority of the able workers here in the Philippines.

However, what about those who are 29 years and older? What opportunities do they have if after their 28th birthday and they aren't still successful of establishing a career or getting a stable job?

Majority of those in the bracket of 30 something are already settled down and with kids. How are they to support their families if there are no job opportunities available for them?

With at least 1 year experience

Now this is truly ridiculous, well if you're in the bracket of below 28 years old, most probably you'll still be looking for work experiences but majority of the ads I see requires job seekers to have at least a year's work experience.

A friend of mine commented saying:
"Langya' kaya ka nga nag-aaply ng trabaho para magkaroon ng experience tapos hahanapan ka ng experience."
What does this mean - well, if you've just graduated, this job is not for you and maybe majority of the jobs being advertised are not for you. What a bummer, finish four years of college and you still need an experience to get a job, but how are you gonna get an experience if no one will hire you in the first place.

What a dumb society we live in.

The Philippines has one of the most unfair employment requirements in the world. In other places it is illegal to indicate age or gender as a requirement for work, not unless it is DEEMED necessary.

My OFW friends once told me, that in the countries where they've work - and they have worked in many different places already - most establishments don't have any age or gender requirement. As long as you are fit and able and passed all the interviews you'll most likely to get the job.

The stupidest thing is that here in the Philippines, agencies who handle recruitment of workers for the same establishments abroad still adds the age and gender requirements.

Apparently, if you wanted to get that job and you didn't pass the age and gender requirement, you'll have to go to that country and apply personally because the agencies here are making it impossible for a lot of people to get in.

It's hard to get ahead in this life when there are a lot of systems of injustices and unfair practices prevailing in our society. Life is already hard as it is but other people tend to make it even harder for others.


written May 2010
"Eto na ang break mo... KAGATIN MO NA!"

I wonder how Robin Padilla got his big break in show business?

Actually, I really don't understand the concept of a "Big Break" maybe it's because I don't feel like anything like that has ever happened to me before.

Someone told me that "Luck is the event of being ready for an opportunity when it happens."

So, luck may also be called as a "Big Break"

And when you missed out on that "Big Break" that may be attributed to being "Unlucky" or having a "Bad Luck" or any other extreme phrases you can think of to express disappointments.

Well, if that's the case then I think I've had my share of "Big Breaks" as well in the past.
Sadly, 'Big Breaks' are not meant to last. They're one shot deals that disappears when taken for granted or when not fully realized (understood or accepted).

So maybe, it was really entirely my fault that my "Big Breaks" didn't last that long.

Let me cite some instances.

Two years of investing and putting into trial a lot of systems to find out what works and what didn't.. and after finally setting up a good system and was about to reap the rewards of all my hard work somebody shows up, inexperienced and incompetent and with all the wrong motives, snatches up your two years work and networks.

This person was the anointed one.. the one baptized in a river and to whom the boss' finds favor (if you get my drift).

The opportunity here is to kiss the buts of the bosses and you get to stay in your place. BUT I am never that good at kissing buts - I am however good at kicking them.

To make the story short - I kicked buts and I got sacked. :)

Not very good playing with incompetent people, it usually makes my stomach sick.

If I did, I might still be there reaping. So... it was really my fault.

This incident happened to me twice.. my reaction was the same and I got the same result.

There must be something wrong with me! hehehe.

That's why I will never be able to make it inside politics. It's a very messy place and I don't like messy places. I can never condition myself to see a messy place and not do anything about it.

I will never understand the concept of a "Big Break" entirely but maybe I'll just have to hope that I will still get mine, someday. 

What's Your Greatest Achievement?

written on January, 2010

I was thinking about this routine job interview question in the internet that I found the other day.

"What was your greatest achievement so far?"

It caught my attention because:

1). It's like a question that would likely be addressed to Homer Simpson and then I laughed at some of his possible answers.

2). Because frankly, it's a question I haven't thought about yet.

So I paused and then contemplate on my answer. I imagined myself writing a lot of figures and references on the space provided but instead my answer came out like this:


I was able to accomplish all the projects and programs that I've handled with flying colors even if it is out of my league.

I was fortunate to have been a part and be transformed as an instrument for developing programs that helped a lot of people most specially the poor.

I was able to meet a lot of people and somehow made an impact in their lives no matter how little or how big.

These things did not make me rich.. but I am blessed with friends abundantly.

I may not have made a career out of the things that I do.. but the experiences and memories are worth more than any treasures in the world.


My Family.

I have been blessed with two wonderful and loving kids and a very understanding and exceptional wife.

I wouldn't ask for anything more.

(except for a house on a lot, a family car, trust fund for the kids, pocket cash for our family vacation around the world... hehehe) - of course I edited this part out.

The Out of the Ordinary Juan

written in December, 2009 

There are people that you meet in ordinary places and circumstances that seems to make your life a bit easier, more livable and more enjoyable – these people comes in different shapes and sizes but they are a bit extraordinary.

For example, this morning, there was this person who rode on the same Jeepney that Sky and I took going to her school.

He took the seat up front near the driver and was carrying two sling bags. We were seated at the opposite side and right in the middle of the bench.

He was about to pay for his fare when all of a sudden the passengers on his side of the car and almost all at the same time brought out their money to pay for their fares too. This person then reach out for the fares of all the other passengers one by one and with a smile each time. Not a single soul said ‘thank you’ – what would you expect, this is the City of Manila – but he just smiled anyway. When at last every single fare and change was delivered, he took out his money and pay the driver his own fare.

He alighted the at the Pureza LRT station along with most of the passengers and then a new set of passengers entered the passenger jeep.

The last of the new batch was a middle-aged woman carrying a small bag and she was trying to get a seat in the middle but the Jeepney was already full so she has no other choice but to get the seat up front nearest to the driver, the same place where the kind man was seated earlier.

She took out her cellfone and texted away. Then, the passengers from the back and almost all at the same time brought out their money to pay for their fares. There were people trying to pass the fares to her because she was nearer the driver’s seat but the woman just texted and texted not minding the other passengers.

The person next to her was forced to make long stretches just to bring the fares to the driver’s hand.

One by one the passengers went down and seeing that her side of the bench was already free the woman moved to the back. The only one left in the Jeepney was her, me and sky.

She then brought out her fare and then reach out to me and said “pakisuyo po” - of course I reached for her fare and then inched my way to bring her fare to the driver.

After seeing that her fare was safely delivered she then went back to texting again.

Realizing the irony of this trip, I suddenly missed the person who was kind enough to reach for the passengers fare earlier and began to wonder why everyone can’t be like that.

Maybe this small realization could become a guide for us in selecting the people that we want in our lives - whether a friend, a lover or even our next President.

We should select people that makes life easier.  People who are kind. People who goes out of their way to reach out and help and people you’ll miss when they’re not around.

Leaders, servants or just the plain out of the ordinary JUAN.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Winning the Lotto

*WINNING THE LOTTO, originally written May 2010 on

I am an on-and-off fan of the PCSO Lottery Game since it started. An occasional gambler so-to-speak.

I have not bought a ticket in months and then suddenly last Thursday I was drawn to the booth once again to try my luck on the growing pot - which was at 190 Million Pesos already at that time.

I have lost faith in lottery. Probably because I have never had the chance of winning an amount bigger than the usual 20 or 40 Pesos consolation prizes.
Lately, I’ve noticed that even if the pot was extremely high – the lines in various Lotto outlets are shorter.

Maybe, many people have lost faith as well on the government-run game of chance.

This assumption led me to talked to people who used to put in big moolas on lottery tickets but did not made any attempt to buy a single ticket during the last draw period.

They said that it is better to buy tickets for the draws with lesser pot money, the draws are more credible than the big draws where the prize will most likely be given to only one or two winners because the draws are rigged.

Of course there was no way of proving the allegations.

However, I was able to talk to some people who knew someone that actually won the lottery – so they believe that the draws are legit.

I have also talked to people waiting in line to buy lottery tickets.

Some of them said that they go for it because of the element of CHANCE even when they know that their chances of winning is almost near-impossible.

Can you imagine the number of combinations generated for the 6/42 game alone?

5,245,786 combinations! You actually get better chances of being hit by a lightning twice.

Some said they buy tickets but not as many as before because the times are hard and that they also know that there is a big possibility that the draws might be rigged.

I said, if you know this… then why take a chance?

Their answers: “Nagbabaka-sakali lang”

Whatever the case may be, all I know is that those people in the lotto booth line are people who have put a variable amount of hope and faith that lottery will change their lives - for the better.

Armed with hope on a piece of paper which to most people who join the lottery, is the most priceless item in their lives - until after the draw is done.

MINE, right now, is just another piece of small trash in our waste basket.

Friday, July 15, 2016


And the sign says "Long-haired freaky people need not apply"
So I put my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him why
He said you look like a fine outstanding young man, I think you'll do
So I took off my hat, I said "Imagine that, huh, me working for you"

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
Fuckin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign...

That was from a song way back in 2007 by a band called TESLA that talks about SIGNS! It was actually a revival from an even older band called Five Man Electrical Band who created the song in 1971.

Here's what the TESLA version sounds like:
Anyway, those were my kind of songs back in the early 90s - Posters of Tesla, Warrant, Skid Row and Motley Crew used to be all over my room's wall. Then Nirvana came, and I had to redo the whole set-up with a touch of Grunge.

That piece of personal history was brought to you by the song SIGNS, which is actually the main reason why I am writing this post.

Contrary to what the Tesla song is trying to imply, not all SIGNS are bad. Most of them are actually crucial for us humans as a society. Let's just say that WE ARE LOST without them.

And some SIGNS even go the extra mile by influencing our way of life. And I am here to talk to you about 5 SIGNS that has indeed made a lasting impression in mine.


This SIGN is on every institutions found here on the face of the planet.  It's like common sense already - if you have no proof of identity then people won't trust you to go inside their place.
We learned in school early that our name and face on a piece of paper and plastic, can actually give you leverage on many things. Well for one you'll have access to almost everything plus you automatically become part of a community that wears the same kind of paper and plastic.

When you get older, you'll find that having an ID is also a necessity - for work, as a requirement for various applications and a way to get more IDs. That's why, the more IDs you have, the more privileged you become.

So that makes me an indigent, 'cause what I do have on my wallet right now is an almost expired Postal ID. :)


You get the hell out of the neighbors well trimmed Bermuda because you'll mess up the landscaping!

But there's more to this sign than just aesthetics! It teaches us also about respect! Respect for other people's property. Respect for Nature. Respect for Life (however small or insignificant it may be).


I came across this sign when I first started working. This was actually part of a Japanese Workplace Organization manual that promotes order and discipline in traffic (people or vehicle) in and outside of the work environment.
The idea is very simple - always keep to the right side of everything. For example, in staircases, when you follow this principle, people going up or going down will not have any problem because everyone's on the right side (a space to the left is always made available).

However, I am not so sure if LRT and MRT personnels have been introduced to 5S because some stations are actually violating this basic principle by directing passengers to go left instead of right when going up the first level of stairs and then you decide which way to go (left or right) when you get to 2nd or 3rd level - Pureza LRT station is one of them.

Not much of a big deal to some but it's quite confusing especially for a society that has been trained to Keep Right.  


This is an unusual sign, but one that is very important.

I used to work for a NGO and we have this canteen that has this sign posted on the wall. What this means is that dining customers will need to free or clean-up their table after eating.
It's not because the concessionaire lacks the manpower to service its dining customers but it was more like a way for the organization to train its volunteers, workers and visitors the value of taking full responsibility for one's action and self-reliance as well.

Good values is always worth all the trouble!


You'll see this sign usually on Libraries, Hospitals, Retreat Houses, Recording Studios and Churches.
It's a sign that teaches us to respect the rights of other people.

But what it actually does is that it trains us to have more self-control. For many, a silencing activity would prove to be a difficult task but once we've mastered the art of being silent - we can now claim that we have full control of both mind and body.

This skill will be one of the most important tool that you can use to face life's many challenges.

Self-Control, Self-Reliance, Order, Respect and Identity. Just some of  the things that SIGNS have taught me over the years.

For all those who have questions about this post or this blog in general, please read the sign below:

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Naranasan mo na bang maipit sa loob ng Jeepney?

Naranasan mo na bang magbayad ng pitong piso habang nakaupong dalawang piso?

Masakit po lalo na sa binti. Yun tipong tuwing pe-preno ang sasakyan e inaantay mo na madulas yun pwet mo sa pagkaka-upo at malaglag ka ng tuluyan. Well actually di ka naman talaga naka-upo in the first place.. nakadikit lang ang tumbong mo doon sa upuan.

Gustuhin mo man sanang sumabit na lang e hindi na pwede dahil puno na rin ang lugar na pagsasabitan.

"E bakit ko naman ginagawa sa sarili ko yun?" - you might ask.

Bakit hindi na lang ako lumipat sa ibang jeep para makaupo ng matiwasay? Kokonti lang ba ang mga pampasaherong Jeep?

Naku hindi po, sandamakmak po at nagkalat ang Jeep sa buong Pilipinas. Ang byaheng Escoda-Pandacan na nga lang sa Maynila e halos pila-pila na sa kalsada sa sobrang dami kaya kahit napaka-ikli lang naman ng bya-byahehin e umaabot pa ng kalahating oras o higit pa dahil napakabagal ng usad at bawat kanto e humihinto at nag-aabang ng pasahero.

So ano talaga ang problema?

Una sa lahat kung sasakay ka sa pila, punuan po talaga yun at hindi aalis ang jeep hanggat hindi nakukumpleto ang dami ng pasahero na itinakda dito.

Halimbawa sa sukatan, nagpa-upo si manong ng 10 maninipis na tao at nagkasya kaya sasabihin sa konduktor na sampuan siya.

E hello, hindi naman lahat ng pasahero mo e maninipis na tao. Paano kung may sumakay na foreigner, German, sin laki ni Arnold Scharzenneger? O isang tao na ang pants size ay 40 pataas? Paano?

Adjust-adjust din sana dapat sa bilang kaso ang kadalasan nilang pinag-aadjust ay mga pasahero. Kaya yun iba, stomach in - chest out na lang para magkasya.

Meron din style na alternate positioning na tinatawag. Yun isa sa bandang loob habang yun kasunod ay nakaupo na bandang palabas. And so on and so forth - para lang magkasya.

E bakit nga ko hindi na lang lumipat?

Ginagawa ko talaga yun, lalo na kung di naman ako masyado nagmamadali - kaso po gawin ko man ang paglipat e andun pa din po ang problema at malilipat lang po sa ibang tao ang pagsasakripisyo.

Parang yun sa school ko lang yan dati nung college - sabi sa amin nung administrator, "Kung di n'yo gusto ang patakaran dito sa paaralan e lumipat na lang kayo,"

Ang galing di ba? Parang no choice di ba?

Siguro ang mas marapat natin pagtuunan ng pansin ay kung paano kaya maso-solve ang problema na ito.

Sa tagal ko na namamasahe at sumasakay ng jeep, naisip ko, na siguro ang solusyon lang dito ay ang pagkakaroon ng isang maayos na regulation na magsasabi o maglilimita sa isang pampublikong sasakyan sa dami ng tao na pwede nitong isakay.

Halimbawa, dapat may sticker o karatola ang jeep na nakalagay kung ilan ang maximum na pwede nito isakay sa magkabilang upuan. Pag nakalagay ay 10 eto ay sampuan. At maaaring magreklamo ang pasahero kung lalabis dito ang isasakay ng driver.

Dapat ay sa simula ay may maayos na batayan ng pagsusukat. Isang standard na kinokonsidera ang laki ng bawat mananakay.

Dapat pagmultahin din ang lalabag sa panuntunan na ito. Parang sa Ayala, Makati lang di ba, bawal magsakay at magbaba kung saan saan - kaya natin yun ipatupad.

Malamang ay hindi eto 'applicable' sa mga probinsya at sa mga lugar na kakaunti lang ang pampasaherong sasakyan - subalit dito sa Metro Manila... matagal na sana eto nagawa.

Ang isa pang problema ay ang mga nagmamadaling mga pasahero na gagawin ang lahat para lang makasakay at makasabit sa pampasaherong Jeepney. Alam ko na sa maraming lugar ay ipinagbabawal na rin ang pagsabit - subalit hindi rin eto naipapatupad ng maayos dahil sa mga kadahilanang:

  • Welcome sa mga drivers ang sabit dahil eto ay dagdag na kita, kaya kahit bawal e go lang ng go.
  • Wala naman mga traffic enforcers na naninita - wala kasing malinaw na batas ukol dito.
  • Kagustuhan rin naman eto ng mga pasahero.      

So ang tanong: Kaayusan ba para sa mga nakakarami o pagtanggap sa nakaugalian na para sa kapakanan lamang ng iilang mga mananakay.

Siyempre magrereklamo din ang mga operators kasi mababawasan sila ng kita. Dahil nakatulong naman eto para pagaanin ang kalagayan ng mga mananakay, siguro naman ay hindi naman tayo magrereklamo kung may dagdag na kahit piso lang sa pamasahe.

Kapalit naman nito ay kaayusan at ginhawa ng bawat mananakay.
editorial cartoon by Jess Abrera

Friday, January 8, 2016

DOTC Launches New MRT - LRT Fitness Program

With barely six months of office work left, the big bosses of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) launches its new fitness program for all Metro Manila commuters through the MRT and LRT train systems.

Here are the main features of the said program:

  • The fitness activity starts with a healthy walk UP and DOWN the train stations since almost all the Escalators and Elevators are already rendered unusable and not safe to use. For beginners,you may choose to start with LRT which is a slightly shorter climb compared to MRT. For experts, try the Shaw Boulevard and Quezon Avenue stations.
  • Another great activity in the said fitness program are the long lines. A long line going up the stations, one more long line to the ticket booth and finally one more long line to get inside the platforms. For non-beginners you may choose not to get the BEEP cards for longer waiting periods. The activity is said to help strengthen your legs, improve stamina and PATIENCE.
  • For Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts, get your game on by riding the trains during Rush Hours. Improve your blocking, balance and defensive techniques especially when getting out of the trains while other passengers who are racing to get inside tries to prevent you from coming out.
  • For those who enjoys a little more challenge.  Join the advance program by riding the trains that usually breaks down in between stations and add walking on the railway as part of your routine.
  • You don't need to enroll in swimming lessons to improve your breathing. Ride the trains again during Rush Hour and see how long you can hold your breath. Other passengers who either forgot to take a shower or brush their teeth will motivate you to meet your targets for the day.
  • Finally, get your excess fats off fast and easy by riding the LRT and MRT everyday. Choose the train sections that has little or no air conditioner. The old trains usually have these as a special feature. I've experienced it first hand and it is way better and cheaper than sauna or those fancy hotbeds and steam baths.
Old folks, pregnant women and PWDs are DISCOURAGED to take this program.

So that's it!

I am so glad that this government and its Daang Matuwid program is taking the over-all fitness of the Filipino people into consideration and a PRIORITY by setting-up a lot of ways to make us SUFFER (for our fitness goals)!    

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Are You a Hero or a Villain?

There is a thin line that separates a hero from a villain!

They both make hard choices in life and in the end, it doesn't really matter what side you're with - it's how you lived through the decisions that you've made.

Heroes may also become Villains at some point in their lives. And they can be both at the same time in the eyes of one person.

Every hero has a villain inside them wanting to come out and every villain has a hero inside them waiting to be seen.
Heroes and Villains do not choose their path with a blind eye. They act on impulse, they act on circumstances, they act on principles, on values, on beliefs, on instinct.


This is the thing that separates them from the mere spectators and the people that they save or terrorize.

This is what separates Superman and Luthor from the rest of the crowd in Metropolis; The Batman and the Joker from Gotham City's people.

They don't just stay in the sidelights and watch. They take action. And these actions keeps everything in motion. Changing everything. Good or Bad.

Heroes and Villains do not need super powers or high tech gadgets to become one. They just need to ACT. 


When I was in college, I used to hang out with friends till midnight just talking about anything or goofing around almost everyday.

We don't do the crazy stuffs like drinking booze, or anything.. heck we don't even smoke and join gangs or fraternities (which is pretty rampant in those days).

We were just the noisy, wacky, annoying and lazy bunch that tends to drive the neighborhood mad (in a good way).

Our favorite place to hangout then was either inside the Jeepney of 'Onad', my friend Eric's older brother or just the bench right in front of our Barangay Captain's house.

We don't have money to go to those party places. We just cap the night with a hot lugaw or pandesal and a cold bottle of Coke and that's it. - solve!

One night while we were hanging around inside Onad's Jeepney, a notorious drug addict, gangster, thief and suspected murderer who lives in our Barangay was ganged up by another rival gang.

We all saw everything because we were just only about 15 feet away from where it happened.

After about less than a minute of brawling he was left behind and was able to walk until he collapses just in front of the Jeepney where we are in.

A lot of people saw these, they all went out of their houses and looked on.

I was studying nursing then at Emilio Aguinaldo College and my nursing instinct told me to come out and help this person.

My friends tried to stopped me from coming out - not because it's dangerous but because in their minds they wanted him to die because that person is known as a human plague in our place, a stupid virus that needs to be eradicated.

In my mind, I wanted that too. But I am a nursing student and I know that in my heart that I can help that person because of what I've learned in school. Maybe because I thought I have the power to do so (not the willingness though). But as Ben Parker told Peter Parker in the movie Spiderman... "with power comes responsibilities."

So I went out and made my nursing assessment.. he received numerous stab wounds so i ripped his clothes off and put pressure on the most critical wounds.

My friends saw what I was doing, they all came out of the Jeepney and helped me in putting pressure on the other wounds to stop the bleeding. I know that they didn't want to, but they did, because I was their friend and we stick together.

Our Barangay Captain then finally asked for some of his men to get a tricycle and bring the wounded menace to the nearest hospital.

We did not receive any praises that night for what I did, only stone-cold silence from the people around us. I went home with blood on my hands and my shirt. And the confusion that if what I did was right or wrong.

My praise came a few weeks after when I saw the person I helped that night who is now well and good. We crossed path and he said his thanks. I was pretty much pleased with what I did but not until the following day and the days to come.

Because that was the start of our Barangay's nightly unstoppable gang wars and street rumbles - all courtesy of the person who thanked me for helping him that night. There was never a silent night after that.

Some of the people who knew what happened that night started blaming me and my friends and the Barangay for helping him live.

The gang wars only stopped when a policeman finally put a bullet on the body of that person.

His death brought a lasting peace in our place. The gangs laid low and we were able to hang out once again until midnight.

Up until now, I still don't know if what I did that night was right or wrong.

I ACTED and the world I knew CHANGED.

In the end, what I did didn't matter... but it is how I lived through the decision I made.

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Full?

One person sees a glass half-empty, another person sees a glass half-filled... but rarely, we see a glass with water and then look for someone who might be thirsty and in need of a drink.
What is it that you see?
Glass Half-Empty.

The pessimist, or the realist!

The world around us - and forgive me for saying - is as half-empty as the glass of water we're talking about. In my experience, the reality of things is not as wonderful as one would wish it to be.

Admit it or not, majority of the people around us are scared to bring out their mobile phones in public to make a call because of FEAR that it would get stolen.

Majority, would pick a career they don't even like over a lifelong dream because of security, money and stability.

Majority... are pessimistic, or to soften the blow... realistic.

Glass Half-Filled.

The optimists, or the idealist.

A small minority of risk-takers and counter-culture people. They either end up making a mark in this world because of their principled endeavors or die and carry with them their dreams, their hopes, aspirations and the knowledge of the fact that reality bites... and it bites hard.

These minority believed in the goodness of people and in change and are directly motivated by it. They see or rather imagine things which are contrary to known beliefs and realities. They expect more from the world and sometimes more than what the world can offer at the present reality - this is their strength and this is also their weakness.

I once belong to this group... and to a certain degree, I still do.

Glass of Water to Share.

The good samaritan.
They are both realistic and idealistic in nature. They see a glass half-empty and find someone who needs it more.

They work on 'Abundance Mentality' - which is far more greater than being just an optimist. They believe and hope for the best and knowing this, they also see the reality of the world and that more than anything else - HOPE is the one thing that needs to be shared.

They don't dwell on the reality of things and do nothing.

They don't only believe that goodness and change will come instead they make it happen not only for what they think is right for them but for all the people around them.

They believe that the world has a lot to offer, so much that one person cannot contain it and that it needs to be shared.

Such person knows the meaning of contentment.

Such person knows the value of other peoples lives.

Such person is not motivated by fame and rewards for their actions.

But... sad to say, such a person rarely exist in our present reality. Most of these people stay invisible to the public's eyes because they are not known to advertise their achievements like government officials, celebrities, rich people who conducts public service activities with press releases and the TV networks.

Yes, they are invisible and rarely noticed, but to the people they have shared their lives with they remain eternal.

It's a tough act to follow.

Because actually, most would rather see a glass with water and then ask for more even if it's already full.