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Dear 1981

I started my first-ever journal in 1993 using a small multi-print journal logbook.  Yes the one used by organizations for writing down meeting minutes and other transactions way back when computers are not that popular yet.  And I remember that my first entry on that journal was also about a diary - my very first diary.

I have been in-love with writing since I was very little.  In 1993, while I was thinking of what story to open my journal with, I decided to trace my most vivid memory when I was a child and plotted a sort of a chronological recount of what has already transpired in my life 20 years back.  The self-examination took me to 1981.

1981 was a very special year for me.  I was 8 years old and a third-grader from P.Villanueva Elementary School.  P.Villanueva is a street in Pasay City, Metro Manila - that's where I spent most of my childhood days.

P.Villanueva Elementary School (PVES) is not a very popular primary school back then.  It was a sort of a second-class public eleme…

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