Friday, December 30, 2011


The Catholic Youth Organization in the Philippines headed by its National Chaplain Rev. Fr. Jerome Cruz and Former National Executive Officers Rose Zapanta, Tam De Ocampo and Gerald Gooco together with TV Patrol Worldwide’s “Pamaskong Handog ng Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo – Ang Pasko ng Pagbabago, Saya Para sa Kapwa” choral competition Grand Champions -  CYO Sta. Clara De Montefalco serenades with Christmas Songs its Chaplain Emeritus Msgr. Francisco G. Tantoco, Jr.  during a surprise visit at the Residencias de Arzobizpo in Arzobizpado de Manila, Intramuros.

Who is Msgr. Francisco G. Tantoco, Jr?  A great Catholic leader, a wonderful mentor, a very compassionate and loving person.  The youth and the poor always have a special space in his heart and he never tires of helping them.  Here are just some of the well-known church service positions that he has held in the past:

  • He was the former National Youth Director of the Episcopal Commission on Lay Apostolate in 1982
  • He was the President and Administrator of the La Loma Catholic Cemetery
  • He was the Vicar General and the Moderator Curiae of the Arzobizpado de Manila
  • He is the National Chaplain of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate
  • He was the well-loved Executive Director of Caritas Manila, Inc. for many years.
  • He is and will always be the National Chaplain of the Catholic Youth Organization in the Philippines

Monday, September 12, 2011


This is a very interesting news development that I gathered from Inquirer. And I think, it's one of the most long-awaited city proposals for Mega Manila - quite frankly, I am astounded that it is just now that they have taken interest in this. Anyway, I am still glad that they did.

According to the report, DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson said on Monday that they are looking into the possibility of creating a new EDSA (Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue). When I first saw the tweet about this, I re-tweeted it by saying (and without reading the thread) - "is it going to be on top or below the old one coz what the people need is a new way around the metro and not a newly face-lifted (beautified) old one."

Apparently, after reading the reports on Inquirer News - Secretary Singson said that they were looking at either putting an “elevated” expressway or a tunnel to decongest the traffic. :) - and I think that's the only real options they got.

I hope that they'd push through with this project, no matter the cost because millions of people and businesses will benefit from this. To give you an example of a near impossible city project that materialized, please read my post MY TWO CENTS, FOR THE RAINY SEASON.

Another great project that is very much long overdue is the Metro Manila-Cavite LRT.

Let's go Philippines! Move! Move! Move!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My favorite time of the day is DUSK or 'Takip-Silim.'

There's something magical about the blending of light and darkness when the sun sets. When the heat of the afternoon is being lowered by the cool breeze of the evening. The pink reddish skies and the first star over the gray clouds.

Other people prefer the dawn which I seldom see. It's also inspiring to look at, for like dusk they are both twilight.

But for me, nothing compares to dusk.

It somehow embodies a certain hint of romance and mystery. An unspeakable eeriness that haunts even the most inartistic heart. For sentimental folks like me, dusk can induce a spell that takes you to special places, feelings and memories stored in the recesses of the mind.

A rejuvenating experience perfect to end a very tiring and busy day.

A cool late October (hallows eve would be better) dusk, on top of a roof looking at a semi-cloudy sky with my guitar together with a couple of friends talking about anything and nothing.


Monday, August 8, 2011


Do you believe that God wanted us to be poor? - because money and material things are the root of all evil?

Do you believe that God wanted us to suffer? - because suffering leads to a more divine life?

Do you believe that God wanted us to have just a very simple and mediocre life?

If you believe this, well, God doesn't agree with you.

God never wanted us to be poor!

We were created in His image and our God is a rich God. If our God is a rich God then why live in poverty? Why embrace it?

Because most people see God as a great provider. Which He is. But, never to people without any form of conviction and personal action.

Like the saying goes: "Na sa DIYOS ang awa, na sa tao ang gawa."

People always forget the "GAWA" part. Believing should lead you to act on that belief. If you believe that God will help change your situation in life then go out and take action because God works through others and through you. And not by staying at home, watching 'tele-seryes', lying down and waiting for the miracle to happen because it will never happen.

Moses, Abraham, Joseph, and many other biblical figures all received God's wonderful blessings because they believed and acted on that belief.

Remember, Faith is nothing without action.

Another thing that prevents us to want greatness and a financially rewarding life is the thought that Money and Material Things are evil or the root of all evil!

To put this thing into the right perspective, let me site some powerful examples: King Solomon - Is he rich and powerful? Joseph who became the Pharaoh's second in command in Egypt at that time - Is he rich and powerful? Were they evil?

Money, material things and technological advances are not evil on their own. These are just tools and innovations that enriches our lives. It is the abuse and too much love for these things that makes it evil. It is us, who make these things evil.

When we sacrifice relationships because of money and power. When our judgment of right and wrong is governed by these things rather than sound principles. These are the root of all evil.

God never wanted us to suffer.

Indeed, we have our challenges and some have greater challenges than others. But remember, that our challenges are normal and universal because we all experience it and because we are not alone in these world and that our actions affects everyone else.

There are things that happen in our lives that are out of our control but still there are things that we can control. But to both, we were given the power to control how we see and how we will act on those experiences. We may see it as a life changing experience to be a better person or choose to let it destroy us. Suffering therefore is our choice.

God never wanted us to live in mediocrity

The parable of the talents told by Jesus tells us of a master who was leaving his home to travel, and before going entrusted his property to his servants (property worth 8 talents, where a talent was a large unit of money). One servant receives five talents, the second two talents, and the third one talent, according to their respective abilities.

Returning after a long absence, the master asks his servants for an accounting. The first two servants explain that they have each put their money to work and doubled the value of the property they were entrusted with, and so they are each rewarded. The third servant, however, has merely hidden his talent in a hole in the ground, and is punished for being lazy.

Enough said?

If God wanted us to be poor, to suffer and live mediocre lives. He should have never sent Jesus to be with us and to mentor and teach us. Can you imagine how God values our lives? To Him we are precious jewels - why become anything less?

God works his hands to all people, to the rich and most specially to the poor, but He never wanted his people to be poor. He wanted all of us to be rich and to prosper. If we are rich and prosperous - then the more chances for good and faithful people to help others be rich and prosperous as well.

And remember:

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." - Luke 6:38

Monday, August 1, 2011


I have just encountered two of the most eye-opening statements about blogging. These statements were made by two of the most influential and most prominent contributors in the blogging community today. The statements however are not connected but it gave me a complete picture of what I really want my blog site to be.

My wandering inside cyberspace this afternoon led me to issues like the heated discussion about an official representation of the blogging community and a proposal for the issuance of DTI permit to all blogging contests and activities.

As I was reading the comments and opinions about this issue inside a thread of the Pinoy Bloggers FB Group Page, I came across the comment of Mhel Ignacio of BLANKPIXELS.COM and have noticed this message in BOLD characters:
After that, I checked my twitter page and came across another statement, this time coming from Mel Lavadia of METER THE STARS :
"Matagal ko na gusto sabihin to, pero baka kainin ako ng buhay ng ibang bloggers: Kawawa itsura ng mga blogs niyo. Mukhang classified ads."

That was a reality check for me and for this site as well. I have been writing stuffs here which I enjoyed dearly for years now. I have never regretted any posts, and have even preserved all the minor errors: alignment, grammatical or typographical.

This site will always be personal and general - I may have joined some contests and have even posted some PRs on my site but not because I have to or because I was following a certain blogging norm, but because I wanted to and because it has sparked my personal interest at the moment. The central theme of this blog will always be about defining 'who I am' and if you can spend time going through all my previous posts you will learn more about the real me.

So I guess, I am still on the right track. Experimenting on some new stuffs and getting to know a lot of interesting things and people in this chosen field. It is in fact really groovy (if I may use an expression from a period that promotes freedom of expression and personal liberation).

Once again, just to remind myself: Blogging is an art! It should be fun and personal (true to self). It must never be, at any circumstances, be dictated upon by any group or individual or any form of remuneration.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I'd like to start by commending the good effort our Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration has done so far in weather forecasting given the limited technology that they have right now.

I have the CLOUDS gadget on my iGoogle, which shows a satellite view of cloud activity in real time and PAGASA have been right so far with their predictions. :) I wonder if they've been using the same technology hehehe.

Anyway, I posted a wall post on my FB just the other day which says:
"According to PAGASA, we have 2 Low pressure areas , one near Palawan the other in Mindanao - rainy season folks (bring your rain gears)"
A friend of mine commented on that post with this:
"i think people needs a 'scuba gear' bro para sa baha :)) konting ulan lang lagpas tao na agad e, most specially sa Manila area..."

And this was my reply to his post:
"We have the worst city engineers (they all lack vision - lagi budget budget budget ang dinadahilan) / We have the worst scientific research and development plan - We have a sleeping government right now (I don't care if they are clean and corruption free - they are still useless) kahit moral support wala ka makuha. LACK OF VISION will be our downfall. Let's all try to wake up our sleeping government. Hindi natin kailangan ng mga taga-walis ang kailangan natin ay tunay na lider hindi metro-aid (street sweeper)."
And he replied:
"Actually bro marami ng ginawang research and consultation about this flood control, the problem was it was never implemented, thoroughly.. Siguro dahil na din sa mga red tape, pagwawaldas ng pera, political will ng liderato at kooperasyon ng tao.. Dito kasi bro for example, kung saan yung 'fault line' doon nagtatayo ng bahay, kung saan mababa sa sea level yung lupa, doon magtatayo ng village.. Problema kasi dito sa pamahalaan ni PNOY sobrang ingat, oo wala ngang korupsyon pero may nagagawa naman ba?"
I've shared this conversation to point out that, ordinary people (meaning: everyone of us), can see the problem clearly- it's so very clear that you can already see it reflecting on the forehead of our beloved leader but it seems that for some reason, nothing is being done to address this.

The problem is.. "You don't have a PLAN."

I have heard his recent speech and I can sum it up with just a few words: 
"Gloria's government was a 'bullshit' (pardon the language) government and I don't know what the 'hell' (pardon again) I am going to do next."
All I've heard was him, ranting about the past administration (and I fully agree that that the past administration was indeed a corrupt one - the worst ever), but for goodness sake, what's your plan Mr. President.

Your effort to clean-up the government is both valiant and noble, and we know that already, that is your main thrust. But what about the other concerns of the Filipino. The rising prices of all basic commodities ..don't that matter? How about the economy.. don't that matter? Education... don't that matter? The flood situation of the country... don't that matter? Are we going to blame it all again on the rain?

Malaysia was able to build SMART (Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel) in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The longest storm water tunnel in south east asia which aims to solve flash floods in the city and solve traffic congestion as well.

Malaysia saw the problem clearly. They saw the cost of the project and the difficulties but that didn't stop them because they saw the positive implications of this project to the city and its people and the economy. They devised a plan and they built it.

I hope to God, that the PNOY government will be inspired with stories like the SMART tunnel of Kuala Lumpur so we can get this country moving to the direction of greatness.

To hell with bills like the RH bill or the divorce bill that our law makers are wasting precious tax payers money for countless debates and meetings. Keep your priorities straight people, those bill wont put food on the table of the general public. Those bills wont improve the quality of life of the greater majority. Those bills just serve the selfish agenda of a minority of people and the international community.

Focus on the real problem of our nation and present to us, the people of your land, a concrete plan that we all could participate in.

Friday, April 22, 2011


NOPE.. This is not it.

Sky's two-headed fish is not some freak of nature animal, or a mutated new species, or an alien.

It's not the picture on the left.

It's actually, a delicious dish.

Earlier this morning, Tam prepared for us a tasty BRUNCH and when all is ready she asked Sky what she wanted to eat with rice.

She then told her Mommy, "I want Chicken Nuggets.. I don't want the two-headed fish."

"What two headed fish?"

This two headed fish:

DANGGIT! (Dried and Salted Mini-Fish)

hehehehehehe :) (oo nga naman.. parang two-headed fish kasi ang itsura.. hehehe)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's been three days now and I'm still laughing :))

Tam and Neo (My 12 year old) got a dose of new vocabularies from Sky (my 6 year old) when they went to Mass last Sunday.

From what they've told me, I think they've had a hard time concentrating during Mass Service because aside from the funny-sounding priest that officiated the mass, Sky also released some new vocabularies, unintentionally.

Vocabulary Number 1: KISS BE WITH YOU

How to use it:

Sky: "Mommy... kelan yung KISS BE WITH YOU???" - She was actually asking about the part of the mass when the priest say "Peace be with you" and we answer "And also with you" - and then the priest asks everyone to say their peace with each other. We usually kiss her during this part of the Mass, so therefore she conclude.... KISS BE WITH YOU. hehehe :))

Vocabulary Number 2: WAGAY-WAGAY

How to use it:

Sky: "Mommy... i WAGAY-WAGAY mo na yung Palaspas" - the word we are looking for is supposed to be Wagayway - as in wave like a flag. hehehe

Vocabulary Number 3: OFERTORYERS

How to use it:

Sky: "Mommy... asan na yung mga OFERTORYERS" - What she was looking for are actually the Mass Collectors - but the part of the mass is called the OFFERTORY, so therefore she conclude... OFFERTORYERS :))

Be back for more :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My 7 year old SKY is fond of telling stories of her adventures and misadventures in school. Actually, she's fond of talking (period) 😂

Just the other night, she told us about what she did in school - actually she was narrating it to her Mom and I was just eavesdropping.

She said that they were asked to write and recite some rhymes in front of the class. She was telling us about classmates who made such wonderful rhymes and poems and then when it was her turn, she recited this.. (of course with her signature stage presence)


We burst into laughter and asked where did she got that rhyme. And she told us that it was from a line she remembered in a VCD that I bought two years ago, I think. She said that it was the POOH and POKWANG video. And we laughed even more.

"And what was the reaction of your teacher to your rhyme?" We asked. "They all laughed." She said.

LAGOT kami. Hehehehehe.