I have just encountered two of the most eye-opening statements about blogging. These statements were made by two of the most influential and most prominent contributors in the blogging community today. The statements however are not connected but it gave me a complete picture of what I really want my blog site to be.

My wandering inside cyberspace this afternoon led me to issues like the heated discussion about an official representation of the blogging community and a proposal for the issuance of DTI permit to all blogging contests and activities.

As I was reading the comments and opinions about this issue inside a thread of the Pinoy Bloggers FB Group Page, I came across the comment of Mhel Ignacio of BLANKPIXELS.COM and have noticed this message in BOLD characters:
After that, I checked my twitter page and came across another statement, this time coming from Mel Lavadia of METER THE STARS :
"Matagal ko na gusto sabihin to, pero baka kainin ako ng buhay ng ibang bloggers: Kawawa itsura ng mga blogs niyo. Mukhang classified ads."

That was a reality check for me and for this site as well. I have been writing stuffs here which I enjoyed dearly for years now. I have never regretted any posts, and have even preserved all the minor errors: alignment, grammatical or typographical.

This site will always be personal and general - I may have joined some contests and have even posted some PRs on my site but not because I have to or because I was following a certain blogging norm, but because I wanted to and because it has sparked my personal interest at the moment. The central theme of this blog will always be about defining 'who I am' and if you can spend time going through all my previous posts you will learn more about the real me.

So I guess, I am still on the right track. Experimenting on some new stuffs and getting to know a lot of interesting things and people in this chosen field. It is in fact really groovy (if I may use an expression from a period that promotes freedom of expression and personal liberation).

Once again, just to remind myself: Blogging is an art! It should be fun and personal (true to self). It must never be, at any circumstances, be dictated upon by any group or individual or any form of remuneration.