It's been three days now and I'm still laughing :))

Tam and Neo (My 12 year old) got a dose of new vocabularies from Sky (my 6 year old) when they went to Mass last Sunday.

From what they've told me, I think they've had a hard time concentrating during Mass Service because aside from the funny-sounding priest that officiated the mass, Sky also released some new vocabularies, unintentionally.

Vocabulary Number 1: KISS BE WITH YOU

How to use it:

Sky: "Mommy... kelan yung KISS BE WITH YOU???" - She was actually asking about the part of the mass when the priest say "Peace be with you" and we answer "And also with you" - and then the priest asks everyone to say their peace with each other. We usually kiss her during this part of the Mass, so therefore she conclude.... KISS BE WITH YOU. hehehe :))

Vocabulary Number 2: WAGAY-WAGAY

How to use it:

Sky: "Mommy... i WAGAY-WAGAY mo na yung Palaspas" - the word we are looking for is supposed to be Wagayway - as in wave like a flag. hehehe

Vocabulary Number 3: OFERTORYERS

How to use it:

Sky: "Mommy... asan na yung mga OFERTORYERS" - What she was looking for are actually the Mass Collectors - but the part of the mass is called the OFFERTORY, so therefore she conclude... OFFERTORYERS :))

Be back for more :)