DOTC Launches New MRT - LRT Fitness Program

With barely six months of office work left, the big bosses of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) launches its new fitness program for all Metro Manila commuters through the MRT and LRT train systems.

Here are the main features of the said program:

  • The fitness activity starts with a healthy walk UP and DOWN the train stations since almost all the Escalators and Elevators are already rendered unusable and not safe to use. For beginners,you may choose to start with LRT which is a slightly shorter climb compared to MRT. For experts, try the Shaw Boulevard and Quezon Avenue stations.
  • Another great activity in the said fitness program are the long lines. A long line going up the stations, one more long line to the ticket booth and finally one more long line to get inside the platforms. For non-beginners you may choose not to get the BEEP cards for longer waiting periods. The activity is said to help strengthen your legs, improve stamina and PATIENCE.
  • For Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts, get your game on by riding the trains during Rush Hours. Improve your blocking, balance and defensive techniques especially when getting out of the trains while other passengers who are racing to get inside tries to prevent you from coming out.
  • For those who enjoys a little more challenge.  Join the advance program by riding the trains that usually breaks down in between stations and add walking on the railway as part of your routine.
  • You don't need to enroll in swimming lessons to improve your breathing. Ride the trains again during Rush Hour and see how long you can hold your breath. Other passengers who either forgot to take a shower or brush their teeth will motivate you to meet your targets for the day.
  • Finally, get your excess fats off fast and easy by riding the LRT and MRT everyday. Choose the train sections that has little or no air conditioner. The old trains usually have these as a special feature. I've experienced it first hand and it is way better and cheaper than sauna or those fancy hotbeds and steam baths.
Old folks, pregnant women and PWDs are DISCOURAGED to take this program.

So that's it!

I am so glad that this government and its Daang Matuwid program is taking the over-all fitness of the Filipino people into consideration and a PRIORITY by setting-up a lot of ways to make us SUFFER (for our fitness goals)!