Meet My New Little Lizard Friend

My daughter and I had a recent encounter with a miniature Godzilla!

Incidentally, we have discovered that Villa De Oro in Tagaytay has a lot of friendly lizards roaming freely around its lush gardens and they're very beautiful creatures.
Meet My New Little Friend
I saw my new little friend on the stairs leading to the grotto inside the compound of the villa looking at me - perhaps intrigued by this giant person in front of him he quickly jumped and moved from the bottom of my pants up to the back of my shirt.

Here's a video of my little friend taken by my daughter Sky:

I am unsure of what kind of lizard my little friend is so I did my research.  Apparently, there are four types of lizards found here in the Philippines. The common geckos (49 species), monitor lizards (5 species), skinks (56 species) and the Agamids (14 species).

Based on the description and photos that I've found, my friend here appears to look a lot like an Agamidae. But I am still not sure.