Best Answers | On Flying and Happiness

I'd like to share with you two questions from YAP that I've answered. My answer to these questions were chosen as the best answer by the askers.

Would you be willing to sacrifice your own happiness?
Let's say you're the breadwinner of the family. You're the eldest and got siblings who are still young and studying. And at some point you realize that its about time for you to settle down however you feel somehow apprehensive because you feel that you are tied with the responsibilities being a breadwinner. How would you deal with it? How self-less could you be?

My Answer:

First of all, I think no one is as self-less as anyone would think they are. Even martyrs and saints have their own very selfish reasons but we adored them for doing that.
For me, happiness is an inward thing, would you be happy if you abandon your responsibilities to settle down? In the first place, if I'm correct, nobody's forcing anyone to be responsible for their siblings, it is their choice and the choice was made because, even if we admit it or not, however burdensome it is, that responsibility is making that person indirectly happy and in control. To see his or her so-called "self-less" contributions to the lives of others becomes a contributing factor to that person's happiness.

Happiness, to my opinion, can't be sacrificed at all. However, a person may or may not choose to be happy.

If that's the case, my suggestion and my answer is, NO, I will never sacrifice my own happiness- I will find a better alternative, so I can choose to be happy, get settled and help my siblings grow up to be great individuals.

What would you rather be, a superhero that can fly or one that can run fast?
All imaginable superpowers included.

My Answer:

Running fast would be cool. I like flash better than superman. However, I live here in the Philippines, where there are congested streets filled with unregistered public utility vehicles, a lot of open manholes and poor and narrow roads. So I guess I'll choose FLYING instead.

I don't want to get killed while running and tripping in some kind of a road crack or manhole while trying to do my superhero duties. That would be too embarrassing.