Labor Pains

The bible tells us in the book of Genesis how God created the universe.

While this ‘hand-me-down’ story might be dismissed easily by skeptics as some kind of folk literature satisfying man’s need for a purpose for living, it is undeniable that the whole story presents life’s pattern as well. God creates and in some cases it may be called as labor and at the end of the day, looks at what he did and was pleased.

It’s a cycle

So how do these presents life to each one of us? Life gives us what we like to call challenges in life. A failed marriage, a broken family, a love one dies, financial problems, an overthrown career… call these things as labor pains.

Inside a labor room, you will see mothers walking around slowly. This will supposedly make the descent of the baby faster. It also creates a feeling of control among mothers and provides them something to accomplish so as to put their minds away from the delivery.

“Labor Pains” should not be faced sitting down or lying around. It will only make matters worst.

Some of us face our problems by dismissing the thought in our minds through activities that don’t really help solve the problems but makes it even worst.

Young people tend to find solace with peers. However, this may sound helpful only if your peers are not the type that drinks, takes substances and engage in activities that may cause harm.

‘Walking’ represents doing something that is within your capacity to make things work all right. You may not know if your baby will turn out just fine or if your delivery will have no problems, but at least your doing something. And this will give you a sense of control over the situation and the situation is yourself.

The situation is not the failed marriage, the broken family or the death of a love one. The situation is how you see these things. How you respond to these events.

So you walk one step at a time. Knowing that walking will help.

Sitting down on the problem and refusing to accept the situation will only prolong the inevitable and might present some unhealthy complications in the end.