VOTE for Your Sons and Daughters, Your Nieces and Nephews and Their Friends

This is just short and I hope that you will read this!

This is a public appeal to all of you who will cast your votes for the National Election next year. 
Please VOTE for the future and not for what is at the present.
Please VOTE for your sons and daughters, your nieces and nephews and their friends.
Please VOTE for those who don't have a voice yet,
or who's voice not loud enough to matter to anyone you've ever met.
Please VOTE not to avenge or correct or make amends.
Please VOTE with your heart for the young people to defend.
If things you imagined, look and feel right at the time,
Remember that it might not really be the best for those you'll left behind.
So, Please VOTE thinking not of today but tomorrow,
Vote for our sons and daughters, and their future that we borrowed.

What feels right at the present may not be well and good for the future. 

History tells us that many people have followed charismatic leaders of the old world like Hitler and Mussollini. Many people felt at that time that these leaders will be their saviors, one that will deliver them from poverty and the injustices of the world.

Just like what a lot of Filipinos are looking for right now - a savior, the ONE leader that will deliver!

Guess what, the so-called saviors of the old world I've mentioned gave us World War II and a lot of dead bodies, many of whom are children whose future were stolen by the very people who have decided their fate through a single VOTE - their mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and all their adult friends.

So my friends, I would like to remind all of you not to VOTE wisely but rather to VOTE for the future. Not your own future, but the future of the next generation.