I declared last week that I will SAY NO to some events to concentrate on my blog and YouTube channel - and so far, it's working.

I have finished all of my Urgent + Important pending tasks and I am now working on all of my Not So Urgent + Important.

Views on my main blog rainCHECK (www.raindeocampo.com) are doing okay while my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/projectmotionrain) has already reached the 4.5K mark. So all is well.

I am planning to add some VeeLOG segments on the channel once it reached 5K subscribers. Kicking it off with Eat, Pray, Blog cause I really love to tell stories about my other blogger friends :)

So I am here now in my room, finishing some articles, nursing an exposed nerve on my gums, trying to stay away from other distractions and coping up with all the mess - literally.

"Hindi po masarap ang Instant Noodles pag lumamig na,"