Who Are You Xander Ford?

All the lonely people, where do they all come from? - Eleonor Rigby/The Beatles

It was a feast day last Sunday as Marlou Arizala formerly of the group Hasht 5 comes out in public for the first time as Xander Ford via the talk show Rated K.

Audience in the studio and on television received the shock of their lives when Xander Ford comes out from the backstage wearing his thousands-worth new face - a total facial reconstruction. The skin is also in the works but for now, he'll have to settle with a lot of foundation and make up.

The revelation received mixed emotion (and opinion) from the public and in social media. Specially when he was asked by Korina about his bashers to which he answered "Hu U kayo sa kin,"

A lot has criticized him while a lot also supported his decision saying that 'let's just be happy with Marlou's decision'.

But are we really?

Are we really and truly happy for him?

Was it really his decision to go under the knife, was it really his choice?

Or did people (both bashers and supporters) forced the young lad into a corner where he can no longer make a choice for himself.

There are really a lot of questions that popped-out after that grand reveal, and people can't just brush up these issues because we are talking of a living person here - a young boy's life.

Was he just a puppet for corporate media?

Was he just the main attraction right now in a showbiz circus?

Was he just another propaganda, an escape route, an ego booster for the people around him and those who will make money from the stunt?

Was he just a very effective damage control marketing tool for the doctors who performed the cosmetic surgeries?

Did we just handed all the low life criminals in the country a key to their salvation? 

Did we just offered today's young rich and discontented youth a brand new hobby for their instant self-gratification?

Who is this really for? Is it really for Marlou AKA Xander Ford?

Or is it for the sake of other people?

Yes, it's true that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery has helped a lot of people (specially those who were in an accident or those born with physical defects that hampers with their way of life) to be better - but I BELIEVE that this shouldn't be used in any other reasons other than that.

And I do hope that this will not be the way that we go through to deal with our own imperfections - because the truth of the matter is, we are not PERFECT. But at least we're 100% real.

Because what we saw on TV last Sunday - that's all fake.

But everyone's doing it nowadays!

Well, yeah because people sees cosmetic surgery like an expensive drug, a magic pill or the fountain of youth - but all of that is just an illusion.

But just because a lot of people are doing it, does that make it right? I don't really see the point in the argument that if everyone's doing it, then you should to. You know what that line of thinking takes away from you as a person? - Your individuality and your freedom to choose for yourself.

JESUS was a counter-culture person during his time. When the majority was going to the left he was going to the right - but not because he just felt like it, but because it was the right thing to do.

Yes, I know that we now have the science to do that to Marlou, but does that make it right?

We think we know everything and that science has all the answers to all our problems - but I hate to break it to you, science doesn't have all the answers - even the most brilliant doctors can't even say definitively what our appendix is for.

As parents, we try hard to teach our children the value of accepting, appreciating and nourishing one's gift. About loving others and loving oneself no matter who you are. Being true to others and being true to ourselves. That real beauty is from within and not what's on the outside. That happiness also works the same way. That to live free we must not live our lives from the opinion that other people have on us.

Now, what does this Marlou Arizala transformation media hype teaches our children now?

I saw nothing wrong with Marlou Arizala then. He's a young person trying his luck in showbiz - he may not look the part of a heartthrob but at least he's already made a big step up that ladder (a step that millions of hopefuls could only wish for) - he could've just chosen to try and make it in showbiz by his own God-given talents but he chose otherwise (and like I said with a lot of help from the people around him who seems to be so invested on changing the young man's face for reasons unclear).

I saw nothing wrong with Marlou then - I see a whole lot of wrong with Xander now.

Hu R U Xander Ford?

All the lonely people, where do they all come from? - Eleonor Rigby/The Beatles

PS: You know what, Vhong Navarro wasn't the cream of the crop during his street boys days too. He wasn't as good looking as his other mates but he was extremely talented and very funny and that became his ticket to stardom. Did you know that the only time he went under the knife was during that incident in 2014?  And it was because he needed it to fix all the damages.