ON Being A Blogger And Attending Events

Someone asked me: How do one become a blogger and get invited to events?

I said, well that's two different things. If you really want to become a blogger then you build a website and WRITE (or post stuff). Yes bloggers do get invited in events but that is NEVER the objective.

I had to pay for my first blogging event (which I was invited to BTW, not a gatecrasher) and it was a restaurant review. But I was already blogging for more than a year prior to that.

My most-read articles on the blog are not connected to a brand or a brand event that I was invited to.

Remember your blog's worth is not determined by the number of events you get invited to or the number of PRs you know! That only means you're a better networker. Pa-kape ka naman dyan! 😀👍🤘