I can give you one great reason why you should read a blog.

More often than not, and across all niches, blogs are a SOURCE OF POSITIVE INFORMATION.

That is If you take away those political and black propaganda sites, viral-oriented and troll-generated blogs - who are either just out to make a profit or commissioned to push a political agenda. You just have to know which is which.

Yes, most blogs are opinion-based and brand-oriented, some are even poorly written or may contain a couple of wrong info but in general they contain news (ideas and experiences) that are fair and uplifting.

Majority of news sites in and out of social media are focused on articles and videos that are depressing. Shocking events that are viral-worthy that people in social media would share non-stop until the whole online community is flooded with NEGATIVITIES. Because people just love sensationalized news.

This is the reason why I TRY MY BEST not to watch the news on television or browse my newsfeed on Facebook and most especially the comment section on news articles. Di lang kasi nakaka-depress minsan nakaka-bobo din.

Knowledge is power? Well not all the time - sometimes it's an addicting drug that can destroy you inside and out.

BLOGS however have that tendency to add humanity on every bit of information. Because MOST don't really care if they trend or not - most bloggers know their place in the sphere.

Media and online news sites have to compete for you know.. ads, ratings, audience shares so they can stay on top of the game leaving them no other choice but to go "tabloid" - many mouths to feed of course.

Blogs, they just don't care about all that. Well at least not as much as media organizations do.

So hurray for blogs and bloggers who kept the faith. Keep on posting POSITIVITY online.

For friends on FB, please do flood my feed with those cute cat and dog photos and videos rather than news about Tulfo, Tokhang, Murders, Politics and other sensationalized stories. 😁🤘😉