I just realized that I have not actually made a review of the Captain Marvel movie so here it is:
Like I said in my article, it's not MCUs finest and it's not because Infinity War have set the bar high like everyone wants to believe but rather because James Wan's Aquaman is just so much fun to watch that we'd expect that the hyped-up Captain Marvel movie would live up to expectation to rival DC's most successful film. Which it did not.

Instead what many saw was a marketing tool for a feminist agenda that really took away all the fun in the film. She's a comic book character, not a mascot!

So we turn to Goose as the film's saving grace!

Storytelling was okay, action scenes feels so uninspired and although song selections were good, some tracks are disconnected from the scenes. Brie was really struggling to make the character believable.

Generally it was still a very entertaining movie to watch - and you wouldn't want to miss it because it has a lot puzzle pieces that will help complete MCU's Avengers Saga.


It's a big win. But why do I feel like it's a lost. It is indeed an epic conclusion. A most depressing one. 


Don't want to read End Game spoilers? Stop browsing social media pages 'cause unless there's a law or something... it's "INEVITABLE."


Hindi lahat ng naglabas ng End Game spoilers nakapanood na, yun iba nagbasa lang sa wikipedia - Mga bwisit lang pero walang kwarta!


Kala ko ba action-adventure film? E umpisa pa lang ng movie umiiyak na ko. Kahit labanan na naiyak pa din ako. Kahit may nag joke nakakaiyak pa din. Hanggang sa end credits may luha pa din mata ko. Di ako prepared. Mas matindi pa to sa peborit n'yong telenobela. Imagine mo 3 hours and 10 mins kayo nagpipigil ng luha. Ang sakit sa damdamin. Yun lang po masasabi ko. Nakatulong ba?