ECQ FILES: What the Rain Wrote in April 2020

Sleep Well Sweet Mother Earth, Rest Easy But Sound  🌿

Apr 1

The CoViD-19 crisis is a prelude to a FINANCIAL crisis. Mayaman, mahirap, trabahador o negosyante lahat... apektado. With personal funds depleted, zero income at sa patong-patong na mga bayarin at utang - most of us will be in for a great challenge. Di naman lahat pero, KARAMIHAN. Meron kasing iilan na mas kumita pa nga ngayon, lalo na yun mga negosyante na nasa gobyerno. Dapat ay ngayon pa lang ay may IATF na naka-assign na para dito - suggestion lang!

I am prophesizing again just like what I did in January, while everyone's busy worrying about Taal I already mentioned that CoViD-19 is going to be a bigger problem, citing our leniency when it comes to travel restrictions in CoViD-19 affected regions.


Let me tell you what's really bugging me:

That it's not Duterte who's running the country now. The old man could barely handle himself because of his medical condition. I think that he's being manipulated like all the others. A puppet who has a one helluva dangerous PR and social media team. Definitely an asset to make the political dreams of all that rides on his popularity a reality. But these dreams are now being threatened by other young public personalities who have rose from the ranks and are showing Filipinos what real leadership and public service is all about. Vico, Rex, Isko and others are making the boots of the likes of Go, Cayetano and the Marcoses shake. And these makes them careless and impatient. Now ask yourselves WHO INTENDS TO GAIN THE MOST riding on the popularity of Tatay Digong and you'll find out who's really holding all the strings and who among the President's men are really barking all the stupid orders. And finally ask yourselves, who am I really following and supporting.

Something to THINK about, especially for those who follows blindly. I may be wrong with these assumptions, I hope I'm wrong. Someone prove me wrong.


Here's a line from a script I am working on:

EXT NIGHT Sa isang madilim na kalye, nakaparada ang isang itim na sasakyan. Sa loob ay may nag-uusap.

Shadowy Figure: Bakit kahit anong pa Press Release natin tungkol sa bata natin si Mayor pa rin ang laging trending!?

Kutong Lupa: Di ko alam boss.

Shadowy Figure: Di pwede to, malapit na eleksyon. Tawagan mo yun bata natin sa NBI.


Here's a thought: Tutal ang daming time ng NBI para mag imbestiga - bakit kaya hindi nila umpisahan na sa simula? I subpoena na nila yun mga incompetent public officials na walang ginawa para mapigilan ang pagkalat ng CoViD-19 dito sa Pilipinas! Game? 👍😁

Apr 2

Nakakatuwa at nakakaiyak na din kasi if you read the comments sa post na to, ang dami ng GISING sa Iloilo!

👉 They're thanking the taxpayers instead
👉 They understood that their Mayor has no choice but to post this - for the sake of his people


Ayun lumabas na din ang truth!

Lahat ng mga group with BEST PRACTICES in handling the CoViD-19 ay treated as COMPETITION! Galeng talaga ng gobyerno na to! 👏 Kaya naman pala mainit ang mata nila kay Vico. So Yorme Isko and others, wag n'yo daw masyado galingan kasi you're next! 👍


JUST IN: Mayor Isko Moreno calls on government to STOP with the politics!

"Mga kababayan ko sa Maynila, sabay-sabay tayo manawagan sa gobyerno na TAMA NA... tama na muna ang away pulitika, iisa lang kaaway natin.. Covid19. Isantabi muna ang pulitika, ceasefire muna. Magkaisa muna tayo."

Apr 3

Guys, I know the frustration!

But please I urge everyone not to participate in any political campaigns right now. Not right now.

As someone who have been in the advocacy of teaching young people and organizations about LEADERSHIP, I know well that the best (most effective) way to go through any form of organizational crisis is not by changing the leadership but instead, by changing "the" leader (from the inside). Don't waste time in #oust campaigns which is pointless and counterproductive at this time. Instead let us tirelessly urge the present leadership for more accountability and action.

And it is with the same intensity, that I urge those who are diehard supporters of the present leadership to not pin the worsening CoViD-19 issue on the people, saying na "maraming matitigas kasi ang ulo" - be accountable also for your own actions when you supported early campaigns of the leadership to underestimate this problem by delaying actions that could've saved lives and also in conditioning the minds of people that TB, AIDS and DENGUE are much worst than CoViD-19. So you can do well by just realizing that you've contributed in making this crisis worse and atoning for your mistakes by helping those most affected by the quarantine in any way that you can instead of blaming others because you are in fact more to blame for this problem.

Apr 4

Please allow me to share to you where I am coming from.

I am not Rotary and in no way connected with them but I TRY my best to adhere to these 4 principles on a PERSONAL level. If anything, I am more connected in spirit with the Lions Club International cause that is where I got my first leadership training as a kid which I learned to apply in handling many organizational leadership positions while growing up. And I'm still learning.

Point is, we all need sound PRINCIPLES to hold on to (not people or personalities like what a fan would do), especially during times of great uncertainties like this. An anchor, else we get swept away when the storm comes. Question your thoughts, examine your conscience and your biases. You are not always right and you are not always wrong. Find your anchor, hold on to it hard and never let go.

Sorry to impose. But this is who I am and I hope you find who you are.


👏👏👏 There is still hope! If they work together, set aside politics, take criticisms like mature leaders, all for the good of the people. I am sure there's hope for the country to prosper! Tanggalin na muna kasi sa eksena si Marcos, pampagulo lang yun e! ✌️😁

EDIT: I forgot to mention. FIRE also all your trolls and social media team! Both sides! And start fresh! 👍


Marami pong salamat sa tulong Oplan Damayan, sa mga volunteers at sa mga private companies na walang sawang namimigay ng tulong sa lahat ng mga apektado ng ECQ.

I checked, wala namang pirma po to ni Bong Go hahahaha ✌️

Apr 8

2 months ako di makakapagbayad ng bills dahil sa ECQ. MAY is Labor Month - literally and figuratively! Good Luck ✌️ #PrayForRain

Apr 10

Yes there is mass. But the Church gates are closed and you only hear the service from the speakers outside.

Apr 11

CoViD19 exposes not only our vulnerabilities as human beings but also the ugly, the unkind and the cruel. Facebook and Twitter alone is already a haven for a lot of the hateful. We have an opportunity here, to change, to become better - let us not waste it. #BlackSaturday #CoViD19PH


Napakadaling sabihin na kaya tumataas ang bilang ng CoViD19 cases dito sa Pilipinas ay dahil madaming pasaway at matitigas ang ulo na di mapirmi sa kanilang mga bahay pero gaano ba katotoo ito?

FACT: Hindi po nagsimula sa Pilipinas ang CoViD19

FACT: The only way na pwedeng makapasok ang CoViD19 sa Pilipinas ay sa pamamagitan ng mga tao na nagbyahe papasok ng Pilipinas at galing sa mga bansang may CoViD19

FACT: January 30 first CoViD19 case in PH (a female Chinese national) tapos nagkaroon lang ng travel restrictions nung Feb 14 na di naman fully implemented at yun lockdown ginawa lang nung March 15 tapos yun mass testing magsisimula pa lang po sa April 14 (1 month after quarantine and 2 1/2 months after our first case)

FACT: Wala pa po tayo data kung ilang tao ang nahawa ng CoViD19 via local transmission at dahil sa paglabas-labas ng bahay during ECQ - eto yun mga sinisisi ng karamihan

FACT: While STAYING HOME is key to the prevention of the spread of the CoViD19 virus, without mass testing there's no way telling if we are already free of it since some are asymptomatic

SO TANONG: TOTOO BA na kaya to dumami sa Pilipinas ay dahil sa mga pasaway na tao na di mapirmi sa kanilang bahay? Kung naghahanap po tayo ng masisisi - alamin n'yo muna kung tama talaga ang mga sinisisi n'yo. Stick to the facts.

Mga kababayan ko, para di tayo masisi please #StayAtHome

Apr 12

The message of Easter is about LIVING HOPE.

An understanding that a lack of HOPE leads a person to embrace a culture of death, one that harbors hatred, apathy and violence towards others.

That through Christ's teachings, suffering, death and resurrection, we may also learn to conquer our own sufferings and deaths. Or at least carry our own crosses with Faith, Love and Hope, that it may lead us closer to GOD and our very own resurrection.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Apr 15

My anxiety attacks last year has prepared me for this. I have learned to filter/mute the unhealthy & stressful. I am in control!

Apr 17

and sometimes the light must yield to the darkness... there is beauty in that brief moment of sacrifice, an inspiration to countless stories and songs 


I would just like to commend our Barangay officials and volunteers sa araw-araw nilang pagbabantay at walang sawang pagpapaalala at pagsasaway sa mga tao sa community namin. Nakakapagod yun ginagawa nila pero sila ang dahilan kung bakit wala pang kaso ng CoViD19 dito sa lugar namin. 24/7 ang mga tanod na nakabantay sa mga checkpoints - strict pero magalang lagi. Bawal pumasok ang mga hindi taga barangay at hanggang sa checkpoint lang ang mga deliveries.

Sila rin ang nangunguna sa pagdadala sa bahay-bahay ng mga tulong mula sa lokal na pamahalaan at sa iba't-ibang mga tumutulong.

Nakatira po ako sa isa sa pinaka-mahirap na Barangay dito sa Paco kung saan 50/50 ang poor at lower middle class.

Tulad sa ibang lugar na naibabalita meron din pong mga pasaway dito sa amin at kadalasan ay dahil hindi lang kasi nila nauunawaan nung una ang sitwasyon pero dahil matindi ang aming bantay, di sila nakakalusot at napapaliwanagan sila ng maayos.

Kaya naman naniniwala ako na sa usapin ng kaayusan, hindi po yan nakukuha sa panawagan-panawagan lang, kailangan ng maayos na sistema at mga taong masipag na magpapatupad nito.

Wala pong pasaway kung maayos ang mga namumuno.

Mga Lider po ang kailangan natin ngayon at hindi mga Pulitiko.

Apr 18

It's sad that despite of being deprived of most of the privileges afforded by our sweet freedom, that most people still fails to appreciate the little things - the air that we breath, the clear skies, the stars, the dew and the morning breeze, drizzles of rain, the flowers and the trees. All the wonderful things that love songs are made of.

Apr 19

I have my very own jungle right outside the window. I can't tell if the birds are happier now because they've always sounded so happy even before.

Apr 21


Make no mistake, we are at war. Many good men and women have already sacrificed their lives, and many still are in the line of fire.

This is World War 3 and it wasn't as we expected. Our enemy have no borders. Our enemy have no sides, no political inclinations, no ideologies nor religions. All our nukes and fancy military technologies will not matter.

Our enemy are ourselves.

And those who will most likely to survive this war, are the ones who will be able to conquer themselves.

Apr 22

5 Things that should still be in placed even when the lockdown is lifted

1. Wearing of masks in public areas
2. Strict Social Distancing specially in queue
3. Coronavirus Testing and Treatment Centers
4. Barangay Check Points
5. Public Disinfecting Areas

Also, I think that the last to be considered for the resumption of operation should be the inter-country and inter-island public transportation services (air and sea). Should be at least 3-6 months more or until someone finds a cure. 👍

Suggestion ko lang naman. ☺️

Apr 23

Ang daming inspiring leadership STORIES ang pinalabas ng krisis na to sa Pilipinas. With emphasis po on the word "stories" rather than personalities because it is always best to look at the ACTION and not the PERSON - objectively and not with a "FAN" mentality.

Anyway, sending my love and appreciation sa lahat ng ating mga heroes at sa mga magiging heroes pa na patuloy na sinusulat ang ating #CoViD19PH success stories! 👏


MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT po sa mga PRs at Companies na nagpapadala ng tulong sa amin na mga manunulat while on ECQ in disguise of "work opportunities" pero alam po namin na this is just your way of showing that you really care. God bless you all! 😘

Apr 24

kasi kung hindi to matapos sure ako tayo ang tapos

Apr 27

41 days on ECQ - I have gained a huge amount of body fats in the first 20 days especially down the midsection cause I was dealing with the whole quarantine situation by relaxing too much (like a sloth) but a week ago I decided to take another approach by declaring an all-out war on all the fats that invaded my body (like China on the West Philippine Sea) with dumbbell and core exercises I have learned from YouTube. The war is not yet over but I think that I am already winning some battles 😁👍

We could also win (peacefully) against China with a little determination #JustSaying 😉