I just had one of those heart to heart moment with my 5 year old daughter early this afternoon as I was carrying her home after her class at STI Prep School. She's now in PREP.She asked me, "Daddy are you going out later?"

I said, "No." and then asked her why.

She said, "Cause I don't want you to go."

Then I said, "What if I have work to do or I have a job and I need to go out later?"

Then she said, "I have a job too."

"Yeah, what?" I asked her.

"My job is to go to school, your job is to carry me."

I smiled and blow in her ears.

She smiled back and then said, "Daddy, when I get older you'll still carry me to school, OK?"

"I can barely carry you right now, how can I carry you when you're older?" I protested.

"You'll be like as heavy as an elephant by then." Then we laughed.

And then I said "OK."