SANTOL is a Fruit, ROTONDA is a Place

Wanna hear something funny?

You see, my little daughter is a PREP student at STI Sta. Mesa. STI-Sta. Mesa is located at the corner of SANTOL ext. and Ramon Magsaysay Blvd. (near Stop and Shop). Before we could get there we would ride a Jeepney from Pandacan Bayan going to ROTONDA (along the intersection of Nagtahan and Ramon Magsaysay Blvd. (near Save More) then we would ride another Jeepney going to Santol. So basically, she was very familiar with Santol, Rotonda and Stop and Shop. (She's 5 already)

Yesterday, Tam brought home a big Santol Fruit and she showed it to Sky (my little girl) - this was the first time she saw the fruit. She never tasted one yet. She was told that the name of the fruit is Santol.

This morning, as Sky was getting ready for school she took the fruit again from the table and showed it to Tam and said... Mom look, (proudly pointing at the fruit)... ROTONDA.