Smoking Kills!

My father suffered and died from emphysema a chronic excruciating disease of the lungs due to excessive smoking.

He was a chain smoker.

He was a good father.

Actually, smoking doesn't kill the smoker at once but it prolongs the addiction long enough so that when your body becomes too weak from the toxins, that's the time when all the breathing problems and other ailments occur. And you have no choice but to cope with the suffering and the inconveniences of paying up for all the times you have abused your body.

It is a very costly disease. The maintenance medications and immediate relief drugs are so expensive not to mention the regular check-ups and the twice or thrice a year visit to the emergency room for serious attacks.

Smoking kills and that is an indisputable fact. If my story above doesn't sound convincing enough, then find out what a single stick of cigarette contains.

Of course there are a lot of those who don't give a shit about all of these warnings and what's-it-about.

I have to tell you, that it is not only your funeral, it is also your loved ones'. All the people you cared about and who cared for you, it is them who you should consider with every puff.

I am not talking about second-hand smoke dangers which is also very true, but the greater menace would be leaving them because you've made that choice.

Making them suffer by letting them see you suffer from your disease years from now.

I have chanced on a smokers blog site yesterday and he said in one of his posts that studies says that lung cancer is a disease that can't really be attributed to smoking (just like what everyone is saying) but with old age and a poor immune system.

If that is true, then by all means let us all die of lung cancer due to old age. Still, without opening a pack of cigarette.

You have a choice.

Smoking kills only those who allow IT to.