This film is actually a surprise! Mainly because I believe that this is one of the best (if not the best) performance of Antonio Banderas in a film ever, and it's a musical! His portrayal of Herod The Great was spot on. He's actually the best one I've seen who played it - he's both funny and despicable!

But it's not only Banderas who did his job right. All the actors and performers, in fact, are so divinely inspired (so-to-speak) that almost all the scenes seems to spark. Milo Manheim and newcomer Fiona Palomo portrayed the roles of Joseph and Mary in such a way that you'll fall in love with their love story even more. Australian Christian singer Joel Smallbone who played the role of Herod's first born Antipater is also a delightful addition to the musical and his duet with Banderas is one of the highlights of this film.

Adding more humor to the film are the three magis played by Omar Djalili (Melchior), Geno Segers (Balthazar), and Rizwan Manji (Gaspar). Also, Lecrae who played the role of a hilarious Angel Gabriel.

It's really a wonderful film and the way to appreciate it more is to look at it as beyond just a Christian movie but an amazing modern depiction of important historical figures and the greatest story ever told.