Privileges of Being Sick and at Home

I have been playing hostage to an infectious virus since last Sunday.  Had to say pass to a couple of event invites and other stuff because of that and I almost got bored to death.

The virus that got me was the Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) otherwise known as the Chickenpox Virus.  I have never had chickenpox but two weeks ago my 14 year-old son got home from school with a couple of blisters - that was the start of it.  We had him checked and the doctor prescribe him an anti-vial drug called Valtrex (Valaciclovir) which was ridiculously expensive.  The whole 7-day treatment cost us almost 7,000 pesos.  Just to control the VZV from spreading.

The doctor gave us also the assurance that since none of us had ever been inflicted with Chickenpox, that we are all candidates to have one.  And true enough and two weeks after, my 9-year old daughter Sky and myself got it.

The funny thing was, both my children got vaccinated for VZV when they were young.  So a vaccine is actually not a 100% guarantee after all.  Plus there is a possibility that it can recur in the form of Shingles (Herpes Zoster), a rather painful complication of the dormant VZV.

All-in-all we spent almost 18K for the meds.

However, being home and sick does have its privileges.

I was able to finish almost all of my pending tasks.  Lie around all day and not be called a lazy slob - I got an excuse this time hehe.  Plus, I was able to watch in full all the 4th anniversary performance of It's Showtime.  (I still think that Bong, Billy and Coleen should've won 1st place, Karylle, Jugs and Teddy in 2nd and Vice-Ganda for the 3rd place).

I also finally got the time to watch DVD movies all day long, although most of it was animated cartoons since Sky was also home hugging the TV all the time specially when she's not playing downloaded games on her tablet.

And then these as a 'pasalubong' from the groceries:
Simple pleasures Potato Chips and Baby Ruth
And this delicious triple chocolate parfait made by my son Neo just now to celebrate because we're almost clear of the Chickenpox mess (as a reparation perhaps for bringing the disease to us in the first place hehe).