Buying Expensive Branded Mobile Smartphones Are Bad For Your Health

It is a given reality that most people would still choose the expensive and big international mobile phone brands over the lesser known local brands that offers higher phone features and better specs and packages at a price that is more affordable.

The acceptable reason is perhaps because known brands like industry leaders Apple and Samsung offers an assurance of quality that is tied to their names. In all fairness, these brands have worked really hard for many years to get to the status that they are now in and has made it a point to have 'innovation' as an all-day breakfast thing. Their research and engineering excellence has shaped the way we use our mobile phones today.

Another reason is that consumers sees a mobile phone as more than just a tool for communication but also as a style extension and a status symbol. Well, that will depend on the kind of people you have in your circles. I personally don't judge people with the kind of phone or phones that they have on their bags and pockets. And in which case, Henry Sy is still going to make more money sleeping than you working your ass off the whole year, and I can bet you that he don't even care what kind of phone he's using right now (if he is using one).

There's no question about the guaranteed quality of expensive branded mobile phones and devices. But these does not mean that lesser known brands are bad. In fact, some of them are even better, offering the same specs for a price that are sometimes 50% more cheaper. 

And these makes me wonder.
We have to remember that before the dawn of the iPhone and the Galaxy series, pioneering brands like Nokia, Motorolla, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry have ruled the world of mobile phones for many years.

Branded phones indeed have some advantages but it does have its disadvantages. Here are some of my personal observations:

  • Smartphones and similar devices has become like perishable goods that has a best before date. Since big international tech corporations tends to come out with new models every 6 or 10 Months, that latest and top-of-the-line phone that you have acquired for a ridiculously through-the-roof retail price last month will automatically have its spotlights taken away in less than a year. So much for your style extension and status symbol stuff.

  • Another thing about smartphones having a short life span, there's actually no way of telling which phone is better or if the lesser brand is really at par with the more known brands when it comes to quality and features. By the time you ended your evaluation, there's already a new phone out in the market. Of course, you can already rule out the fake brands (mostly China-made products) within a week but how about the legit local emerging brands (Cherry Mobile, My Phone, Torque, etc.) and other lesser known international brands currently in the market today? You can't really pass judgment that easy. It has to be thoroughly tested.

  • A lot of people are really brand conscious when it comes to smartphones, so another disadvantage is that you're most likely to get a phone that is similar to a lot of other brand conscious individuals. There's actually nothing wrong with going inside a room full of people all using the same brand of iPhones with different covers. There's nothing wrong with having the same kind of apps, playing same kind of music and having the same kind of filter qualities on your Instagram photos. There's actually nothing wrong with that - like bees and ants we are, but there's nothing wrong with that. However, there's also absolutely nothing wrong with going against the norms dictated by the big media and tech corporations. There's absolutely nothing wrong if you want to embrace individuality. There's absolutely nothing wrong in choosing a phone that suits your style and personality even if it is not on the WHAT'S IN, WHAT'S NOW and WHAT'S EXPENSIVE list.

Here in the Philippines, the biggest advantage that I see in choosing a lesser known brand of smartphone is because it keeps you at the peak of health.

  • Well for one thing, it provides you lesser stress. From the moment you purchase one, there's already a feeling of fulfillment and happiness generated by the fact that you got a phone unit with the specs that you wanted without breaking the bank. Unlike when you buy an expensive phone, you start worrying immediately after carefully opening the package of the unit that you bought making sure that nothing happens to it because you have sacrificed your lunch money for three or four months just to purchase one.  Bought the phone - Skipped Lunch - Got Sick - Loses Job - Passed Away.

  • Expensive branded phones are also a magnet for lowlifes. Imagine the stress of hiding your brand new 'Galaxy S whatever' to the public because it might attract snatchers and holdappers and even beautiful sexy girls who only want you for your money and not really for your body or charming personality. The last part, I could live with. But snatchers and holdappers are indeed bad for your health and may cause you injuries and even instantaneous death.  Definitely bad for your health.

Anyway, those are just some of the disadvantages. I am not telling you to stop buying high-priced branded smartphones - it is your prerogative. But what I am saying is that it is also okay to have a lesser known brand as your phone. Just make sure that the quality is great! 

Patronizing local phone brands in the long run might also be a good thing for us consumers, if they get a substantial local market share they'll be able to expand and come out with more quality smartphones at affordable prices and in turn puts pressure on its more expensive international competitors to come out with units that have the same specs at a much lower price range. 

In the end, quality and affordability is what it boils down to. It's a WIN-WIN solution.

I am currently using a Cherry Mobile Windows Phone and a Cherry Mobile Cosmos S2 as a secondary 'blogger' phone that I recently won from a raffle. My son uses an Acer Z200, my daughter inherited my Cherry Mobile Ruby while my wife is currently using a Samsung Note 3.  

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post and I am not connected with any mobile phone company.