Art Works | Paul Gauguin Self Portrait and Paper Puppets

I am truly blessed with two magnificently talented and artistic kids!

People say that they got their artistic talents from me but no, they have more creative juices in their blood than I could ever have or had. I am a true lover of the arts and have learned to appreciate all forms and I believe that my kids, given the right training and exposure could grow up to be real artists someday.

But of course, that is entirely up to them.

But for now, I am considering myself a big fan of their artworks however simple they may be.

Here's my Neo's imitation of a self-portrait of Paul Gauguin - he's in Grade 10:
Here's my daughter Sky's paper puppets. She's in Grade 6:  

My kids have a collection of artworks at home, but the images above are their most recent projects.