Life, Labor and Joy

Pregnancy takes about 9 months. You get to watch your tummy go bigger by the month and you naturally experience a lot of emotional and physiological changes. Call it pregnancy nudges. You get a lot of aches and pain primarily because of the weight of your growing child. You have trouble sitting down, lying down, standing up. Even breathing takes so much trouble. There are a lot of things that you cannot take like junk foods and soft drinks.

But then you see your child’s first picture via ultrasound and everything disappears.

The unbearable pain and discomforts becomes bearable and acceptable. The joy of seeing the one your laboring for overpowers everything else.

It’s one of life’s basic formulas. You study all night – you get good grades. You work on weekends – you get extra dough for your date. You practice everyday – you win the MVP.

It’s an endless cycle of labor and joy. Some would call it reaping what you sow, which entirely puts everything into the hands of men.

A more extreme understanding of it would imply that there is no such thing as fate and that everything happens because man chose it to happen.

This theory sounds logical even to a great extent of worldwide conflict. The law of supply and demand, karma and relativity works in accordance with this theory.

But our universe is still a vast space of mystery and what if these theory is only partially true and that a deeper understanding of life presents itself to be more than just cause and effect but rather a great design.

A predictable pattern hiding a higher purpose;

A greater meaning;

A long-term goal;

Have you ever seen one of those bizarre pictures that are just series of predictable patterns of colors, shapes and lines but as you look at it closely and at a certain angle you see that this seemingly monotonous array of lines, colors and shapes make up one big picture.

Intelligence bureau might call this experience as basic subterfuge but we’ll call it as God’s ultimate design.