MEGA MANILA TRAFFIC | My Five KRAs For Better Traffic Management

PUREZA - MANILA | Took this photo last Monday
As far as the streets that I frequent to every day, surprisingly the traffic has improved a bit. So I guess the efforts of the government with regards to addressing the worsening traffic situation in Mega Manila is probably working?

So KAYA naman pala!

The traffic in Mega Manila is a perennial problem. The question is WHY did it take a long time for this government to finally wake up and do something EFFECTIVE about this.

Kung hindi pa nag trending ang pangkalahatang sigaw ng mga mananakay sa parusa ng traffic sa Mega Manila ay HINDI PA SILA GAGAWA NG MAAYOS-AYOS NA PARAAN?

The only time that traffic has gone well here in Manila was when Mayor ERAP implemented a TRUCK BAN. That was a real piece of road heaven that sadly didn't last very long though.

So if traffic is really improving right now, then there must've been some form of incompetence on the part of government officials who are supposed to take charge of this situation since it took them 5 years to realize that this is a high priority task - particularly in the DOTC, LTO, LTFRB, MMDA and DILG!

I don't want to name.. obvious names! So I'd use some hashtags instead:


Ultimately improving the traffic situation in Mega Manila and the rest of the country will lead to REAL PROGRESS!

In my humble opinion, I think the government should look at five Key Result Areas (KRAs):

  1. Vehicle Volume Management (truck bans, coding systems and phasing out of old vehicles)
  2. STRICT implementation of existing laws and ordinances (example.. NO PARKING)
  3. Development of highways and alternative roads (use of air and water spaces since subterranean projects will not be feasible)
  4. Invest in improving Mass Transportation Systems genuinely (Trains, Buses, Ferries.. and Teleportation Devices)
  5. And because I think they already know about the four items I've mentioned above.. I guess the last thing they'll need to focus on is to have the POLITICAL WILL to do the right thing for the good of all Filipinos and not just their own PERSONAL INTERESTS! STOP making the ordinary PINOYS suffer because of YOUR OWN selfish agenda! 
Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas!