Three Things Philippine Politics Teach Filipinos About Prosperity and Justice

Here are THREE important things that PHILIPPINE POLITICS have taught Filipinos about prosperity and justice:

  • The sure way to get rich quick is by way of a scam! - Get the most amount of money in the shortest possible time. Enough money to get you the best sleazy lawyer and enough money to bribe even the least corrupt government official to keep you off bars.
  • There's big money in PUBLIC SERVICE!  - All you need to do is learn the art of charismatic leadership and win the hearts of people - talk big during your campaign about fighting graft and corruption and hope that everyone believes you, the more people who believes in you the better your chances of getting the money people (specially those with malicious intent) in many industries to notice you as someone to win over. This usually translates into special favors and cash proposals (or bribe).
  • CROOKED POLITICIANS always get special treatments specially when you're a Robin Hood. You build your public service career as someone who is pro-poor. Steal money from the RICH (and the government) and then spread 10 to 20 percent of what you've stolen to the masses (specially the most gullible sectors) to make them fall in love with you. You keep the rest of the money as profit. When you get caught, these people will defend you, keep you out of jail, vote for you or keep you in office still.
Do I need to site examples? :)