National Day of Protest

No Pain No Gain

It's my second day doing dumbbell exercise sets. I'm following two exercise routines on YouTube - my wife said that I should search for exercises that are suited for people who are already in their 40s.. but I feel so millennial right now. :)

I'm just a decade ahead by the way.

Anyway, bought the dumbbell online for 1.7K Pesos - not sure if it's cheap or what, but the quality of the set that I got is okay.

My mantra right now is NO PAIN, NO GAIN or DIE TRYING whichever is more appropriate. I am starting with 7 kilos.

No GAINS yet but I can assure you that I am feeling a significant amount of PAIN right now.

Vivo V7

BTW, Vivo V7 was launched yesterday at Marriot. I was invited but I didn't go basically because it's at Marriot - such a hassle for commuters like myself. Also, because I think the event is jam packed with online media and influencers.

But don't get me wrong, I do love the Vivo brand! I am currently using a Vivo phone, my last phone was also a Vivo. I like it because it's cheap but the quality is good.

Like I said in my previous entries I am more inclined to go to events that has a little bit of exclusivity. I don't know if I qualify as an influencer (and I don't really care) but I am 100% a blogger. So give me an experience worth writing. 

Once in a while I force myself to attend big media events and parties but I make sure that the venue is very much accessible. But if it's not, well just send me a PR please. :)

National Day of Protest

Oh, today a confused PDU30 decided to suspend classes (or not) because it's the commemoration of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines. Out of the confusion, most schools have just decided to suspend classes.

Also, militant groups and other organizations have declared today as national day of protest, asking the President to be more accountable! - Well, good luck with that.

Politics here in the Philippines is just crazy!

A mega quake hits Mexico, still here we are talking about politics and killing people. What a lot of people don't get is that when the so-called "BIG ONE" hits us, all your politics won't buy you shit and killing people wouldn't be a problem anymore.

What our stupid politicians do not realize (specially those who voted for the 1K CHR budget with special mention to our very special congressman Farinas), that whatever POWER they think they have right now is just a pigment of their imagination. It's just their minds compensating for their weaknesses, insecurities and impotence.

I believe that the only TRUE POWER you have is the one given to you by your GOD.

Now the question is mga ka DDS, WHO IS YOUR GOD? Si Duterte po ba?