Why Celebrate The 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution

Why is it necessary for us to celebrate or commemorate the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986?

Contrary to "now" popular belief, hindi po siya celebration na para lang sa mga Aquino supporters or the "Dilawan" as "many" DDS would call them.

Just to be clear, this post has nothing to do with politics (or partisan politics to be exact). I am neither a Dilawan nor a DDS - I do have a mind of my own and I am proud to say that I am able to see things (people and circumstances) objectively.

The EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986 belongs to the Filipino people! And that means every citizen of this nation - even those who are still to be born.

The call to march was never about politics, it was about PEACE! And everyone, including the soldiers, chose PEACE.

It was a defining moment in the lives of the Filipino people, an event that no one in the world has ever witnessed before. And has inspired people from every corner of the globe.

To reduce this event as just a SIDE to a political squabble does not give justice to the impact that it made in the world. I can only compare those who support this argument to those funny people who joined that Flat Earth group.

Let us look beyond the personalities of the EDSA People Power Revolution and look at the bigger picture.

It is more than just about the Aquinos and the Marcoses! Not even about Enrile, Ramos, Cardinal Sin or Ver. The story is all about a united Filipino people carrying the banner of peace for all the world to see.

At that singular beautiful moment we have averted a potentially bloody civil war and have showed the world that a people united can take down even a totalitarian regime by way of a peaceful revolution.

The story should be told in every generation, UNCORRUPTED and in its purest form so that it may serve as an inspiration to everyone.

It is therefore our sacred duty as citizens of this nation to safeguard this for posterity.

That whatever differences we may have, it can always be sorted out if we just choose peace, love and compassion. I think that's my ultimate take-away from that event.

For those who are in the habit of overthinking, I pity you. It's a very beautiful event in Philippine history and all you can see and hear are the woes and echoes of ghosts from the past.