Probably one of the most important historical biopic that modern Philippine cinema has produced, GOMBURZA presented a lot of realization and raises more questions about our origin as "Filipinos" from the time of Hermano Pule and the influences of Padre Pedro Pelaez (Piolo Pascual) on the secularization of the Philippine Catholic church and the embryonic stages of the nationalist movement which involved (or implicated) priests, the rising middle class and soldiers - many of whom are mestizos (half-breeds).

I loved how the film focused on the idea that the martyrdom of the three priests Gomez (Dante Rivero), Burgos (Cedrick Juan) and Zamora (Enchong Dee) could all have been caused by just misfortune or bad luck (kamalasan). That they were implicated or used to impose a stronger hold on the people, snuff out the growing nationalist movement, silence the middle class and stop the ordination of mestizos as priests - shooting a flock of birds with just one stone. However, as the movie ends, and as history dictated, their deaths would become the spark that would ignite the revolution. And without them (accidental heroes or not) the fire that in the hearts of people like Paciano, Rizal, Bonifacio and other leaders of the revolution will not burn bright.

Having an ensemble cast of amazing actors, this cinematic feature stayed true to historical facts presented by seasoned historians and creatively told by way of film under the helm of Director Pepe Diokno.