PACO on a Sunday Morning

We're starting a Sunday morning ritual today!

We used to attend mass in the afternoon.  But lately, we found it very difficult to attend the mass service together in the afternoon because of many unavoidable circumstances. And then, there's the heavy downpours that usually happens in the afternoon.

So starting today, we've decided to attend the Sunday early morning liturgical celebrations.
San Fernando De Dilao Parish
The crucifix at the center of the main altar of San Fernando De Dilao
Sto. Nino
PACO on a Sunday morning especially in the vicinity of the San Fernando De Dilao Parish (otherwise known as Paco Church) is bustling with church-goers, weekend shoppers and market vendors.

This the typical Pinoy church area setting. Where there's a parish or a chapel - there's also a school and most likely a public market in the area or within walking distance from the church.
The main gate of San Fernando De Dilao Parish - at the side is the Paco Catholic School Building
Fruits in season: Lanzones and Rambutan
It's the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi today and there's a scheduled blessing of animals after the 10am mass at San Fernando De Dilao. But as early as 8am, we've already seen some dogs inside the parish grounds as well as some stray cats congregating somewhere nearby.
After The Mass
After the mass, we had our breakfast at McDonald's located just in front of the church and then went home via the Paco Public Market area.

So I guess everything went well today.

Note: San Fernando De Dilao Parish is located at Paz corner Pedro Gil, accessible via Jeepneys coming from Taft Avenue, Pedro Gil or Faura and going to Sta. Ana or Guadalupe via Herran. The Paco Public Market is located at Pedro Gil near Angel Linao Street. Within walking distance from San Fernando De Dilao Parish.