There are places and certain situations in our lives where we find something which are almost MAGICAL. SPIRITUAL. UNEXPLAINABLE.

Ordinary experiences but with extraordinary meanings. A place where we almost feel like finding GOD, or should I say, where GOD finds us.

I have always thought of myself as becoming a little more of a cynic than religious these past years.


Maybe it’s because of the things I’ve seen and the people that I’ve met. The Philosophies of the modern world. The despair of the adult world.

But it was not always that way.

A Mentor.

When I was with the Knights of the Altar, I met this person who inspired me to be good. He introduced me to GOD for the very first time.

He inspired me to be CHRIST-like in words and in action. He taught me how to become a good follower, to be loyal and to be faithful. And that completely changed my life forever in every aspect.

His name was Bro. Dennis Paez, SDB (now a Bosconian priest)

A Mission.

I joined the Catholic Youth Organization in the Philippines (CYOP) National Secretariat Office as a Program Officer way back in 1996.

I am really not so sure about the job that was offered to me and if I will be effective in doing it but I applied anyway even if I am still connected to another company. I got hired and then left my previous job to do something that I don't know and earn a salary that is way below what my previous employer was paying me.

That is actually the mystery in that experience.

But as it turns out, the CYO job will bring me more than just a pay slip.

It gave me a backbone. A direction. A purpose in life.

My work allowed me to discover my passion and the special gifts that I possess. GOD-Given and meant to be shared. And that made the job even more fulfilling and my life worth living.

A Mother.

The Our Mother of Perpetual Help National Shrine in Baclaran is a very special place for me.

A mixture of chaos and tranquility. Of peace and contests. Of old traditions and technology.

A place of extremes. But it is a place where I have found peace.

I have worked there for some time as a multi-media staff. And before that I have been designing modules and multi-media presentations for the Shrine Team on a project basis.

I don’t really know why, but somehow, I will never forget my experiences there and the people that I’ve come to know.

The people there are different. And heir works are genuinely motivated by faith.

I have found GOD in their faces especially with their rector at that time Fr. Joseph Echano, CSsR and in almost everyone.

I envy them right now.

It has always been my wish to let others see the face of GOD in mine.

But right now, I can’t even find my own.

But It was not always that way.