A Wise Man or a King | Who Would You Rather Be?

There's no way knowing if the Gentiles (non-Jewish people) who searched and found Jesus mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew's Epiphany story were indeed kings or if they were really only three.

Like what the priest said during the homily last Sunday at St. Mary Goretti Parish, three kings together leaving their palaces to follow a star on a foreign land without any entourage or body guards? Highly, unlikely.

So that's it for the song "We Three Kings."

But what's sure is that Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 1 to 12 (Mt 2: 1-12) is filled with a lot of important symbolism that shows more meaning to our own salvation story and it starts with the manifestation of Jesus Christ to the Magi from the east.

It tells us that Jesus' message of hope about God's salvation is for all - not just for the Jewish people at that time (or any other religious sect) and Christians, but it is given to everyone.

The word magi also refers to the wise. Not kings, but wise people are the ones who searched for the Christ Jesus. And to stress on that enlightening new perspective, our mass celebrant also gave us a couple of pointers on how to practically apply the true message of Epiphany in our lives.

Here are some bullet points that I took note of:

Sit among the wise and you go home a little wiser.

You always learn from wise people, whether by just observing them or listening intently to what they have to say. People pay good money to attend seminars given by seasoned motivational speakers and people who are known to have excel in certain expertise - with the hope to bring home some fresh new knowledge or even a renewed sense of purpose.

Wise men can be kings but not all kings can be wise.

Not all kings are wise! Some are just influential, charismatic, has a good social media manager and a lot of political networks. So, if you're going to choose between kings or wise people, I suggest you go for the wise.


People are the ones who make kings in this world - that position of power is oftentimes elected, appointed or bought. It's not permanent.

Now wise people? Only God can make people wise! And that is a gift you take with you till the end of your days.

Wise people are not afraid to swallow their pride.

Wise people are always willing to learn. They always maintain their glasses only half full and open - they are not only great but they are also good!

Raise wise children not kings.

In an age where you get everything at a touch of a button. Teach your children to work and show them the value of hard work, perseverance, patience, understanding and learning.
The priest asked the young people in the church if they know how to cook rice. A couple of the older kids raised their hands. Then he asked how many of those who raised their hands can cook rice without using a rice cooker. Only two of the older kids was confident enough to raise their hands and they were able to elaborate the procedures of cooking the rice without the aid of a rice cooker - where usually we just add water on the rice and let it basically boil and simmer until it's cooked. And then the priest asked the two, did you know that you can also allow the water to boil first before adding the rice? The two kids didn't know. Actually, most of the adults in the church didn't know either. And the priest explained, letting the water boil first especially when you're cooking 1 to 3 kilos of rice on a big pot is customary so that the rice will cook evenly. And so those who attended the mass service came home a little bit wiser.  
Wise kids will make a better world for the future, not kings!
"Ang matalino alam ang tama at mali, ang marunong ginagawa ang tama at iniiwasan ang mali."