Wednesday, March 13, 2019


I just realized that back in 92 I was a very troubled youth without any direction. Anthem ko ang "Runaway Train" ng Soul Assylum at "What's Up" ng 4 Non Blondes. Some of the most depressing songs ever.

I was invited to join a Church theater and choir group that year - saying yes to that invitation kinda saved me. I am so glad that I did. It's like I was lost and then I was found. Kailangan lang siguro talaga minsan na willing tayo magpahanap. 🙌

Still broken but I am much stronger now.


I LOVE people in social media who don't "always" follow the trends (and usually don't give a s#!tload of care) - rare breeds



It's true. GOD is not on Facebook or in any social media platforms. No matter how many forms, images, quotations of Him you see, GOD IS NOT HERE.

I have seen many friends who have succumb into depression, day after day after day - because they look for happiness, love, peace and hope in here! Friends who have thousands of friends, even hundreds of thousands... and yet still very lonely. Because you know what? GOD IS NOT HERE and you're looking at the wrong places.

But I do know a million other places where you'll find Him - BUT NOT IN HERE.

You say you're not lost and looking for GOD? Well God is looking for you. BUT NOT IN HERE.

You say you don't believe in GOD? Well don't worry because God believes in you. And that whatever storms you're having right now, God knows that you can calm it. BUT NOT IN HERE.

I think I know that you know where GOD is. And that you're just too proud or just too afraid to admit it.


*This is an open letter to all my friends here in FB who are troubled right now. I have no bible quotations for you but I do hope you find one for yourself that you could draw strength from. It's a better read anyways, better than all the fake craps you'll find in here.

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