March 19 - Today, Catholic and Christian's all over the world celebrate SAINT JOSEPH'S DAY.

Husband to the Virgin Mary and legal father to Jesus Christ. Saint Joseph, though not as popular as the martyr saints, is one of the most significant figure in the life of Jesus.

He's known by many titles, the most popular here in the Philippines would be Saint Joseph The Worker which has a separate memorial celebrated on the 1st day of the month of May. However, the solemnity of Saint Joseph or his feast day is and will always be on the 19th of March.

Saint Joseph also received other titles such as:

  • The foster father of the Eternal Judge.
  • The Illustrious Son of David. The Gospel of Matthew begins with the origin of Jesus or His genealogy that traces Joseph's bloodline to that of King David, and even to Jacob, Isaac and Abraham.
  • He's also known as the mirror of patience and purity.    

Saint Joseph is also known as the patron of the universal church, the dying, fathers, travelers, immigrants, and carpenters.

His own death was the most beautiful because he died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

But there's one other title awarded to Saint Joseph that are not known to many Christians.   

He is also known as Saint Joseph the Terror of Demons and the Conqueror of Hell.

Sacred writers agree in saying that the intercession of Saint Joseph is an efficacious means of overthrowing the tyranny of satan and propagating the Kingdom of God.

Missionaries, exorcists and even satanists all attest to the power of Saint Joseph's intercession against all demonic foes.

So if you don't want EVIL to triumph in the world, your country or within you, you ask for his intercession.  

As we all know, OUR demons comes in many forms. And some demons are more prominent all over the world more than others. Right now the whole world is in a battle against a pandemic, and more than just the virus which has caused it, people [and countries] are now faced with the many demons that came along with it, or perhaps its very origin as well.

For this, Saint Joseph, is now our greatest ally.

Saint Joseph Terror of Demons, Pray For Us!