Do you believe that God wanted us to be poor? - because money and material things are the root of all evil?

Do you believe that God wanted us to suffer? - because suffering leads to a more divine life?

Do you believe that God wanted us to have just a very simple and mediocre life?

If you believe this, well, God doesn't agree with you.

God never wanted us to be poor!

We were created in His image and our God is a rich God. If our God is a rich God then why live in poverty? Why embrace it?

Because most people see God as a great provider. Which He is. But, never to people without any form of conviction and personal action.

Like the saying goes: "Na sa DIYOS ang awa, na sa tao ang gawa."

People always forget the "GAWA" part. Believing should lead you to act on that belief. If you believe that God will help change your situation in life then go out and take action because God works through others and through you. And not by staying at home, watching 'tele-seryes', lying down and waiting for the miracle to happen because it will never happen.

Moses, Abraham, Joseph, and many other biblical figures all received God's wonderful blessings because they believed and acted on that belief.

Remember, Faith is nothing without action.

Another thing that prevents us to want greatness and a financially rewarding life is the thought that Money and Material Things are evil or the root of all evil!

To put this thing into the right perspective, let me site some powerful examples: King Solomon - Is he rich and powerful? Joseph who became the Pharaoh's second in command in Egypt at that time - Is he rich and powerful? Were they evil?

Money, material things and technological advances are not evil on their own. These are just tools and innovations that enriches our lives. It is the abuse and too much love for these things that makes it evil. It is us, who make these things evil.

When we sacrifice relationships because of money and power. When our judgment of right and wrong is governed by these things rather than sound principles. These are the root of all evil.

God never wanted us to suffer.

Indeed, we have our challenges and some have greater challenges than others. But remember, that our challenges are normal and universal because we all experience it and because we are not alone in these world and that our actions affects everyone else.

There are things that happen in our lives that are out of our control but still there are things that we can control. But to both, we were given the power to control how we see and how we will act on those experiences. We may see it as a life changing experience to be a better person or choose to let it destroy us. Suffering therefore is our choice.

God never wanted us to live in mediocrity

The parable of the talents told by Jesus tells us of a master who was leaving his home to travel, and before going entrusted his property to his servants (property worth 8 talents, where a talent was a large unit of money). One servant receives five talents, the second two talents, and the third one talent, according to their respective abilities.

Returning after a long absence, the master asks his servants for an accounting. The first two servants explain that they have each put their money to work and doubled the value of the property they were entrusted with, and so they are each rewarded. The third servant, however, has merely hidden his talent in a hole in the ground, and is punished for being lazy.

Enough said?

If God wanted us to be poor, to suffer and live mediocre lives. He should have never sent Jesus to be with us and to mentor and teach us. Can you imagine how God values our lives? To Him we are precious jewels - why become anything less?

God works his hands to all people, to the rich and most specially to the poor, but He never wanted his people to be poor. He wanted all of us to be rich and to prosper. If we are rich and prosperous - then the more chances for good and faithful people to help others be rich and prosperous as well.

And remember:

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." - Luke 6:38